Meet Dr. Rebecca Booth, a board-certified obstetrician and gynecologist and her sister, Cecil Booth, a beauty industry veteran. They recognized a need in the market for a product that addressed the effect hormones have on our skin while aging; they also recognized that the use of estrogen worked wonders on skin elasticity.  While you need a prescription for estrogen cream, the sisters were able to find plant-based phytoestrogen to create a skincare formula that is effective, VENEFFECT.  

Inspired by “The Venus Effect”, the week when a woman’s peaking estrogen causes a peak of vitality and beauty, and motivated by first-hand experience, the Booth sisters spent seven years developing VENeffect. This innovative, technologically-advanced targeted skin care collection effectively addresses the hormonal aging process through the use of its advanced proprietary phytoestrogen complex: plant-based molecules that safely and effectively restore collagen, dramatically increasing elasticity and reversing the signs of aging. Many anti-aging products increase cell turnover by exfoliation; VENeffect inspires collagen production, replenishing what women lose naturally to significantly improve the vital glow of healthy skin.
Dr. Rebecca Booth allowed me to pose three questions to her and here are her responses:
1.  With so many skin care products on the market, how does an over 50 woman decide what is best? 
“As a woman ages the decline in her estrogen results in a loss of skin inspiration. She needs to search for products that do more than improve cell turnover…her skin needs new sources of stimulation to inspire collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid such as the unique blend of phytoestrogens in VENeffect products.”
2. What are the realistic expectations for any product and how do you decide one over the other?
 “Realistically topical skin products cannot change bones structure or the amount of subcutaneous fat, both of which decline in the face. She can expect improvement in her epidermis and the upper dermis from products that truly increase elements that support the connective tissues here. To optimize this strategy a woman may want to combine a product that increases cell turnover such as those containing alphahydroxy acids or retinoids combined with a treatment that stimulates the cells to produce more elastin such as the phytoestrogens and peptides in VENeffect.”
3.  Please explain in detail how your product addresses the hormone issue?

 “Estrogen begins its programmed decline in the late 20’s and this decline has an impact on all connective tissues in a woman’s body, but particularly on elastin and collagen…the building blocks of healthy, glowing skin. My sister and I wanted to create a product that would fill in the hormonal gaps so to speak, to allow the inspiration using plant-derived phytoestrogens to stimulate the skin to sustain the glow of peak hormonal vitality throughout a woman’s lifetime; it’s what we refer to as the Venus Effect. The power-house molecules, known as phytoestrogens, easily penetrate the dermis and epidermis to stimulate fibroblasts and other dermal cells to make more collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid…the triad of elements for glowing skin.”

When discussing the philosophy behind I MATTER, I always encourage readers to do their own research and find products best for you…it is good to know what is on the market and how women help women!

VenEffect may be purchased through SOFTSURROUNDINGS, one of my favorite retailers, or at their VENEFFECT WEBSITE.

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