Goodwill SA: Serious Retail Therapy

This transition in my life is exhausting and definitely has its ups and downs…so what better way to escape life for a little while than go on a treasure hunt at GOODWILLSA!

I feel quite confident in this Michael Kors brown tank top!
I love all of the pleating and it is a great addition to my wardrobe.  Do I look ready for job interviews??
Designer pieces are always part of the treasure I find when I stop by the location at Bitters Road and Highway 281.

I wasn’t in the market for another kimono, but I confess I thought a long time about this one….brand new…

I also wished I had a cute little tea cart for this set….

But, I did find a place for a gorgeous French country platter….
I feel much better!  Thanks GOODWILL SA!
And, thanks for all you do for the community…providing jobs, and job training, and veteran assistance!  We all win!
Saturday is a great day for Goodwill!
What are you doing this weekend?
Hope the sun and your smiles are shining!


  1. Hi Pam – lovely brown top and you look job-ready to me! My post tomorrow is on my first not so successful foray into the job seeking world – I'm buying some more clothes soon to look the part of a job hunter!

  2. I would not have been able to resist the kimono. Not at that price. And indeed the tea set is gorgeous. The tank top is beautiful. Just watch out the plunge at the front doesn't show too much during a job interview.

  3. Oh my goodness Pam I hope that you got the Kimono, I love it!!
    I find very little i new designer pieces at my closet Goodwill, may have to venture out further!

    The Arts by Karena
    Coco Chanel

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