Spring 2015: Color Explosion

This was a colorful weekend, and I hope all of the mothers and grandmothers also had colorful celebrations!  First…I attended our school’s banquet in honor of the graduating seniors.  The colors in the gowns were stunning this year!  Here I am with Mary, the Editor- In- Chief of the news magazine I oversee.  Isn’t she gorgeous?
My NEW TARGET TUNIC is so much fun for just $22.99!  I am wearing it with my black, slimming pants from Elizabeth’s Boutique in San Antonio!
My children honored me with color for Mother’s Day.  My youngest son planted flowers in the backyard around the patio.
My oldest son and his wife sent these beautiful flowers for the house:
Finally, my daughter, Son-in-law and two grandsons called from Saipan…I miss this so!  But, there is much color there!
Why don’t you share how your weekend celebrations went or how you are celebrating color this spring!  Then….

Time for…… 

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  1. The tunic suits you so well and the necklace is a perfect colour match!
    Love your blazer, Pam, it is a unique piece.
    Glad you enjoyed Mother's Day. Spring is around here too and I can't get enough of the fresh green outside.

    Annette | Lady of Style

  2. I'm so horrid at color and even prints, that I have given up. I've learned to accept myself as the black wearing, solid colors wearing New Yorker that I am. But you, you look great in all of the above pictures. The colors and prints are tasteful, that's the thing.


    1. I have tried to tone it down like you are doing, Anita. Every now and then I find a piece like his top that I am really drawn too. I really prefer to showcase color with solids or in accessories. Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Dear Pam what a great weekend! I received lots of plants and flowers as well! Where did you find the Asian designed jacket for the graduation?! Gorgeous!

    The Arts by Karena

  4. I always zoom in on your necklaces. I'm always intrigued. You inspire me to wear mine more often. Yes, the young lady your standing next too…omg, her dress is divine. It fits her perfectly.
    I'm glad you enjoyed your Mother's Day weekend. Mine was relaxing. Went to an early dinner with my family to avoid the crowds and then for ice cream at Downtown Disney. That's always a treat.

  5. I am so glad to wore that stunning jacket to the graduation event. And indeed, Mary looks stunning, absolutely stunning. But you do too.
    I also very much like your new Target tunic. I cannot believe the price is so low. Love it. Well combined with the slimming black trousers.

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