Yes, it’s fabulous Friday!  Hope your week was a good one. On Monday, I discussed how the journey toward a job change has required humility, credibility, and a teachable spirit. Plus, I learned a lot about the world of retail this week.  For example,

I now know what a Henry clothing hangar is…how to wax a bar…why you need two pair of shoes for a five hours shift…and the importance of moving garments around.  I have also learned that I am a wimp…these workers are amazing with their stamina!

I am also learning how to be flexible with my schedule.  My life was fairly set for the last sixteen years, and now I am having to learn to bend to a part time retail job, freelance writing deadlines, job interviews, the gym, and the needs of family.  It can be tricky and I confess to occasional frustration when the schedule is changed up without warning.  

But, you know, that is also what keeps life interesting and fun.  I always loved journalism, because it is not the same every day.  

Humility, flexibility,credibility, and a teachable spirit all make up my current walk toward a new career.  It is important for me to do all of them with a joyful, hopeful heart.

This is the second of two dresses I bought recently at MARSHALLS because I just want to wear dresses again after a long hiatus.  I love the color palette, and the knit is so comfy and cool in this PHILOSOPHY REPUBLIC CLOTHING dress.  It is a sleeveless dress so I paired it with a JJILL cardigan…the necklace is CHICOS….the shoes are LUCKY BRAND FLATS from Macys. (all of those purchases in the last two years)  

Any big plans, or life lessons you would like to share with us??  I do so appreciate you coming by each day.

Also, read about me today on ELEGANTLY DRESSED AND STYLISH!!  In the interview, Jessica asked me to tell her something I had not written about on the blog…click on the link and see what it is!  

Now, have a fabulous Friday!


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