I hate to sound old…really, but what will they think of next? So many great reinventions of products we love continue to amaze me. None more than Proctor & Gamble’s Tide Pods!

My mother taught me to rely on Tide, and I have passed that on to my own children. A couple of times during child raising, I tried bargain brands, but always came back to Tide, because it really does get rid of stains. My sons’ football uniforms proved it works beyond a shadow of a doubt. And laundry soap is something we should trust, and not have to stress over. Clothing is too expensive to not care for it properly. Who doesn’t want to look bright and clean.

So, now we have our youngest living with us while he attends college. But, I am busier now than ever, so I need him to do his own laundry. The pods make it is so easy for a young, laundry-challenged adult. He doesn’t have to measure or make a mess…just toss it in and clean. My husband likes them for the same reason and occasionally needs to wash his running clothes without me.

For my busy lifestyle, the Tide Pods are worth adding into the budget. I get assistance with the wash…no mess…clean clothes…no worry. It completely works.

It’s a new, easier laundry world…#laundryredefined!
Happy Friday!

As a member of The bLink Marketing Network, I participated in this sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Proctor & Gamble.  The opinions and text are all mine.

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