Manicures: Budget Priority

This past week was a fashion explosion in San Antonio…I will share more about that in the next post.  Midlife women were the majority in attendance at the events, and I noticed all were beautifully, and creatively manicured.

I love getting my nails done and as long as the budget allows, I will do this.  So far, the gel polish has not weakened my nails and it is so easy! Right now, I am wearing a fun hot pink…

So, what about you…is a manicure a priority…what do you think about gel polish…and what is your current favorite color??
Have a glorious Sunday!!


  1. The color I got yesterday is almost identical to yours. I run a jewelry store so my nails are a priority and love the gel polish. It is so much easier than the 'old days' when you had to do your nails every week and then worry about smudges and breakage.

  2. I do my own fingernails, but I love a pedicure. I'll forgo some other little treat to pay for a pedicure! xo

  3. I do it myself and i like to experiment and I get my inspiration from Pinterest. I buy gels and special stickers and create according to my mood. It's a huge trend in Greece,too.

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