Meet an I MATTER woman…Debra Atkinson, MS, CSCS is America’s Boomer Babe Fitness Expert. She is a national speaker and author of several books including Navigating Fitness After 50: Your GPS For Choosing Programs and Professionals You Can Trust. Her newest title is under construction and out this fall- The After 50 Fitness Formula For Women: Eat More, Exercise Less, Heal Hormones and Boost Energy Naturally for Whole-You Wellness. Connect at

Debra shares with us today what it truly means to be fit!

“It takes more than exercise to get fit. The kind of fit that is like the smile that reaches your eyes definitely takes more. It’s the you-know-you-glow kind of fit that I’m talking about. Oh, outwardly others are noticing to be sure. They just can’t put their finger on it. Did you get a haircut? Did you lose weight? Is it a new outfit?
Meanwhile, you just go on twinkling. You’re more creative again. You’re more productive. You actually think when you walked in the room people turned to look. Motion drives emotion. When you start exercising your posture improves. You hold yourself differently. People may ask if you’re taller.
You shouldn’t have to depend on the scale to tell you if you’re happy today. The scale doesn’t tell the whole story anyway. Fit at 160 lbs is sexier, smaller, and turns heads more than fraught at 160 lbs.
Forgetting where the keys are or who you were just calling is not that big a deal. Forgetting where you are or who you are when you’re at your best is a big deal. You might find your waistline again as you get fit. More importantly, you might find yourself. Dump the scale, ditch the diet and do it because I Matter!
Here are five steps to get started or restarted now and how they help.
1. Lift weights. After 35 you began losing muscle mass easier than you keep it. On average losses are about 8-10% losses every decade. If you lose muscle, even with out gaining weight you have more fat. The fastest change in your body will come from strength training. Twice a week is ideal. You will see it and feel it.  
2. Choose aerobic activity you love. If you don’t love it you’ll leave it. You need to get breathless at least once a week. Find a hill and power up for one minute. Walk down and repeat five times. You want to go long and slower once a week. You also want to have a moderated intensity exercise once a week. The variety of exercise means better fitness. The more oxygen to your body the more alive you’re going to feel.
3. Eat more protein and good fat and green leafy vegetables. Your fitness requires fuel. Eighty percent of your fitness in fact is about what you put into your body. Protein and fiber kill cravings. Never diet again. Focus on all the things you can eat and you’ll be too fuel for the rest. More protein than most Boomers grew up eating will fill you up, satisfy you, and keep you mentally sharp.
4. Get to Sleep. Exercise without it is dangerous. With two-to-four hours sleep deprivation you’re “drunk” and balance is compromised. In order to collect your benefits from exercise you need a hormone called Growth Hormone to repair and rebuild muscles. It’s released in deep sleep.
5. Drink plenty of water. If you’ve thought about exercise but can’t find the mojo it could be dehydration. Start in the morning and add fresh-squeezed lemon. Besides hydrating you’ll re-balance your pH levels. A balanced pH is a better environment for your glow.
Three out of five of those steps are passive. Eat, drink, and sleep right and exercise just takes you home.
The fitness ship never sailed without you. This cruise docks regularly and always has a spot. There’s never been a better time to be your age. There’s more proof than ever that you can reverse aging right down to your cells with fitness. Your chronological age means nothing. You can literally change your biology.”
She inspired me!  Thanks to Debra for joining us today for #IMATTER!  Now, please go read the fun ideas from the bloggers of the Thursday Blog Hop…I am sure they will be talking SUMMER!
Have a wonderful Thursday!

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