I love chance meetings.  The ones you do not plan for, but turn into special moments.  Recently, two ladies came into the boutique where I am working part time as a sales associate.  All eyes went to these women…dressed with flair and wearing incredible, unique pieces of art around their necks.
Vicki and Carolyn captured our attention when we learned they made the necklaces and in fact, sold and donated all of their pieces to local charities…the Food Bank, the zoo, scholarship programs, museums, and more.  I later learned some women follow these charity auctions just to bid on the necklaces.  However, she began with painting pieces for the new Battered Women’s Shelter, and later the San Antonio Animal Shelter.
Vicki Siptak was so kind to invite me to her home studio, and from the moment I approached the front door, I learned she is multi-talented.  This woman would need more than one post, so look for another aspect to her next week. She worked as an insurance executive for 26 years.  After taking early retirement, she would dedicate her life to art..”life is an art project,” she said. Her living and dining area became re-purposed into an art studio.
But, for today let’s discuss her strength, talent, wisdom, resolve and how I see her as an I MATTER woman. “When you work at home,” she explained.  “You must be selfish with your time or the labors will consume you.”  She keeps her work to the morning…halting in the afternoon to go to the gym…and the evenings are just to enjoy time with her husband and reading.
I use the word “work.”  However, Vicki is quick to explain she creates nothing for profit and does not even have a website.  All work is for charity; thus the name, Art for Charity.  Her “one of a kind” necklaces are for sale for $125, but the check must be made directly to the San Antonio Food Bank or the Food Pantry.  In 2014, she contributed to 68 fund raisers with her work and donations!

Her silver gray hair is evident, but she would not tell me her age.  “It isn’t important,” she said.  “This is the most important time of my life.” She even grimaced at the name of my blog…”This is about what we do and accomplish, not age,” she said.  I left convicted more than anything.
Vicki is vibrant and her work intoxicating.  She loves what she creates and I can tell, loves to share it.  Though in her home, there are pieces which are so dear, they will never be donated.  She literally wears family history.  As for these statement necklaces, they are created from so many different materials including wind chimes, and Pier One Coasters!  She is constantly looking around her for ways to “fashion” something into a beautiful, high impact jewelry piece.
So, I ask you today, what are you doing which utilizes your talents, feeds your passions, and makes a difference in the world.  Vicki knows exactly what she will do today.  Do you?
Thanks for stopping by and make sure after you comment, you spend some time with the other talented ladies of the Thursday Favorite Things Blog Hop!  Please come back next week as Vicki teaches me about fiber artists.

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