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Many think we are suppose to retire to the golf course and put hard work behind us.  I ponder how long I will work hard a lot lately…I think it is healthy and want to continue doing it as long as possible…the question still remains where and how.  But, I think I am getting closer to answers.

How long do you see yourself working hard?

See you later with some fun style…unique colors for summer…and for more talk about career reinvention in my 60s!

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  1. As I have not been formally employed since the late 1970s and have always worked freelanceI don't really understand the "retirement" word. Good luck with your hunt I have had 3 different careers however they have all had a common thread.

  2. It seems like retirement has changed in recent years. Staying actively involved and using our talents has many bonuses. The 2 friends I know who have retired to the golf course, have become bored to tears. Happy Sunday!

  3. I am retired and active! But if I feel like sleeping in, I do : > I don't picture my life as being one of leisure, even 20 years from now.

  4. I see myself working hard for about 3 more years! After that, I plan to work for fun, but I do plan to work. I'm just ready for a change where I do something I truly enjoy instead of what pays the bills. Too many years of that now. Once I crossed the 40-years of work threshold, I started thinking ahead to having some fun in my work. I have high hopes!

  5. I also retired from my teaching job. I understand the grief you feel and missing the kids. That chapter is behind me and I take solace in knowing I did my best.. Now I am on to a consulting job and am excited to be working out in the field and at home with ADULTS!. So much freedom.

  6. I have been enjoying an active retirement since age 55 and love it! Yes, there's time spent on the golf course, but there was also a year teaching English in Japan, a semester at a university in China, and a summer volunteering on a Pacific island! There's been sleeping in once in awhile, but more often there's been getting up early to begin a busy and fulfilling day.

  7. I see myself working forever. I started blogging as a way to explore how I might reinvent myself when I retire from academia. So many possibilities, so many new people. I am discovering a whole new world now and one I am passionate about. The challenge is still working full-time and finding the time to devote to my new endeavor. Great post and good discussion.

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