This Vitamin C Serum is Affordable Magic…and For You A Special Offer!

Blogging has turned me into a bit of a skeptic.  I have received so many products with lofty claims,
and, many times they are just that….lofty promises.  My readers do not really understand how many
items I do NOT write about.

So, when I was sent this LAGUNA NATURALS VITAMIN C SERUM, I thought I
might need to take it for a bit of a test drive and did…for two months.  Ladies, I am certain this is one of the best skincare products I have ever used for midlife women.  I saw
immediate results and, yes, I do feel younger because of Laguna Vitamin C
serum. My wrinkles and lines are far less evident and my skin has a healthy glow. 
  One of their representatives kept
insisting I would not be disappointed, and he was right…this is one I will
purchase again and again.  When it comes
to preventing wrinkles, one doesn’t often consider Vitamin C as a potential
solution to the problem. As it turns out, Vitamin C actually helps to keep the
skin youthful and supple by increasing the amount of collagen produced by the

I have used a competing serum in the past, which was diagnosed at my
Dermatologist’s office and it did not produce results like this one.  Here are the things I like most about it:

1.    Laguna Naturals is smooth and absorbs quickly. It is clear. The competition was sticky…felt tacky.
2.    Laguna Naturals adds the not-so-secret ingredient of
Rosa Canina Extract which not only provides a spa-like aroma, but also adds
benefits of an anti-oxidant, anti-viral, diuretic and astringent.  The competition smells funny.
3.    Laguna Naturals Vitamin E serum comes with a pump bottle
which I like a lot better than the messy eye dropper the other uses.
4.    Laguna Naturals is paraben free.
5.    Laguna Naturals is half the cost of its competitor, lasts
a long time, and works much better.
I have been wearing it underneath my day cream, and, as I
said, I am so pleased with the results. 
I know you will be happy with it, and here is the best part.  You can order it now for 40% off retail. This is a special introductory offer just for readers of this blog. 
Currently, Laguna Naturals is sold on Amazon, ORDER HERE.  Type in the code feelin40 at the checkout for the savings. Check it out and let me know what you think!  They have a money back guarantee if you are
not happy!  But, I am pretty certain you will be.

Disclaimer: I was compensated and provide product for this
post.  The words are completely my own.


  1. Awesome article on the different Vitiamin C products!! I will have to look into the Laguna Naturals. Keep up the informative articles, its incredibly helpful with all the products out there!

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