She entered our store slowly and needed to sit awhile in the big comfy chair by the front door.  The heat dripped down her face which bore a little makeup and signs of much wisdom.

Beautifully dressed, she wore a bright summer top embellished with a little bling and soft cotton pants.  There was no need to waste time with cruising our store, she held the SOFT SURROUNDINGS catalog in her hand and knew exactly what she wanted…the entire outfit pictured at the top of this page.  We needed to go to the dressing room to size the popular NEWPORT BEACH PANT and once that was done we could order each piece to be sent to the home she shared with daughters.

It was not until placing the order we learned, she was 96!! So this is my new goal…to dress well, to be smiling, to be walking without a walker, and to be out shopping at the age of 96.

I can live with that!  

Enjoy your the remainder of your day! 

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