Career Reinvention: Meeting Powerhouse Women and Learning Lessons

Hope all of you are enjoying a little touch of autumn this
September day. I just came in from sitting with my grandbaby boy on the patio
to watch the sunrise.  It was precious.  Now, I am learning to adjust daily to a new life
as an active professional and small business owner.  It means learning to prepare for chance
encounters on a daily basis.
Last Friday, my calendar showed I was to weigh-in, and run a
few needed errands (after working at home on projects).  On paper, it appeared to be a casual
day.  I am like everyone else who weighs
in weekly in a weight loss program, I dress as light as possible!  I did not leave the house looking awful…just
very casual, in lightweight capris and sandals. 
Thank goodness I had it somewhat pulled together with a nice top and
One of my errands was to stop by the local magazine I now
write for, SAN ANTONIO WOMAN, and pick up something. 
However, much to my surprise this led to a meeting with the publisher
and lunch with a powerhouse woman doctor, Lillian Chou, who runs one of our
best cancer centers, AURORA CANCER CENTER.
 Working for this
magazine has opened so many new opportunities to meet impressive women doing
significant work.  Dr. Chou not only is making a difference in medical circles, but she also has a passion for edible, organic
gardening and Farm to Table restaurants. She had me eating flowers in her
garden I would never think to pop in my mouth… have you ever tasted a rose?  Raised as one of seven in Taiwan, she farmed
from a young age and still loves it today at age 60.
If I had known this luncheon would be on my calendar, I
would have dressed much differently I would have worn something I felt very
confident in and which I believed communicates …a professional, creative,
strong, woman.  Perhaps similar to this
outfit I am wearing today.
My family said, YOU LOOKED FINE.  Fine is not enough for me when building a
business and seeking a professional reputation on a new career path.  From now on, I will make sure during the
work week, I look better than fine and also, prepare for the unexpected!
What’s on your calendar this week?


BIG BUDDHA BAG…this is a great business bag…beautiful, creative, and easily carries my papers, and tablet…they sent this to me for review!  Sorry it isn’t stuffed for the picture!
Statement Necklace recently purchased at a jewelry table display for aChamber of Commerce luncheon

Leopard Flats by Rampage (older and originally purchased at ROSS)

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Have a wonderful Monday, everyone!


  1. That jacket is a gorgeous color on you, Pam! You always look pulled together so I'm sure you did look fine, but I agree that making an effort to dress in a way that conveys confidence and competence is never a bad idea.

  2. I'm sure you looked lovely and I do love the blue of that jacket. I think your confidence would take any outfit to the next level – you obviously impressed them enough to take you out to lunch!

  3. How funny, Pam … I was just sitting here thinking about what to wear today and feeling like being lazy and sloppy … and now I'm inspired to dress up a bit! You never know what the day holds! Excited for you and your new professional adventure! Love this outfit … what a stunning necklace and fab bag!

    Dawn Lucy

  4. My beautiful friend I am sure your family is right about you looking just fine. Please know that the women you meet are impressed and drawn to you for your wonderful personalty and knowledge.Thank you for sharing at the hop. Watch for your feature on Monday

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