Ella Health in Alamo Heights: Wellness Is the Key

That’s right…the outfit of the day is a robe!  A wonderful spa robe from ELLA HEALTH!  This comfortable room is actually where patients wait for their 3-D MAMMOGRAPHY in pampered comfort.

When I woke up to the fact 12 years ago that I needed to care more for myself and place me at the top of my priority list, I began to learn about the importance of a wellness routine.
Ella Health is a support system for all of us in this are.

They have SEVERAL CENTER LOCATIONS around the United States which serve women in the important are of 3-D Mammos; therapeutic Pilates; physical therapy; and massage therapy.

Each location has different services, so you would need to call the one near you to see what is available.  Currently, in San Antonio we offer the mammograms, Pilates, and massage therapy.  The latter are very important for pain management, so we had a party for area ladies last night to discuss it

These events are called Evenings at Ella…a little wine, a little cheese, a lot of door prizes, and valuable information for wellness!  That’s a worthwhile event and the ones who attended agreed! The next EVENINGS AT ELLA IN ALAMO HEIGHTS will be October 7 and we will share new tips for breast care in recognition of Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  San Antonio ladies, put it on your calendar now!
We must do more to care for number 1…because I MATTER! This will save on doctor bills as well.  Check out the ELLA WEBSITE to see if there is one near you. Ella was designed by women for women.  I will write more later about all I am learning in these important areas of Pilates and Massage Therapy! 

Also, LIKE THE ELLA FACEBOOK PAGE and you could win a robe!!
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Disclaimer: I am compensated for marketing by Ella Health, but these words are my own. 


  1. What a wonderful idea. A heated robe sounds divine. I have my mammo scheduled for two weeks from now – a pleasant place, but no heated robes : >

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