I have been looking for the last ten years for a pair of perfect shoes…stylish shoes…and comfortable shoes which would accept my funky feet just as they are!  When I saw them…I ran across a crowded shoe department in STEIN MART for the embrace!

Readers, friends, family…all, know me in my flats.  I have had a myriad of foot issues for years which took heels (for the most part) out of my life. Trust me…when I say my feet are funky that covers so many things.  But, my longing to find THE SHOE…the one I felt fashionable and comfortable in at the same time has been growing.
I had never heard of BERNIE MEV until I got to Stein Mart last week.  Just looking at the construction of the shoe made me want to give it a try.  The minute it was on my foot, I had hope.  Then I walked around and around and they felt so great, I almost danced right there in the store.  
Once I went to THE BERNIE MEV WEBSITE, I could see they were made for comfort.  STEIN MART carries several styles and colors.  Warning…you will see these often on my blog!

My other accessories from the OUTFIT ON MONDAY, included a Victoria Bosco clutch I have owned for several years, and this bracelet,,,,

The lovely bracelet is part of the  CAROLYN POLLACK STERLING SILVER jewelry called AMERICAN WEST.   This is the STERLING SILVER LAPIS LEAF bracelet. 

Remember,,,accessories can take any outfit to the next level…be purposeful with your choices!  It’s fun!

Happy First Day of Autumn!

Disclaimer:  The bracelet was provided by the company.  The words are my own.

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