Last week on MIDLIFE BOULEVARD, someone was seeking advice for a career wardrobe after age 50.  When I decided to work for myself after age 62, I gave great thought and consideration to my own working wardrobe.  Today, I will share my thoughts and Tuesday share some advice from professionals.

I became a marketing consultant, professional writer for two local women’s magazines, and ramped up my blogging.  If I was going to tell someone else how to market their business, then my style needed to communicate I knew how to market me!  Many communications professionals seem to dress very casual…but I do not want to look like I am a writer on the staff…I want to look like I am the publisher of the magazine!  I don’t really agree with the dress down attitude unless that is where you want to stay.

Here are some steps I made at the beginning:
1. I cleared my closet and took out anything that did not fit well or was poor quality.
2.  As I began to go to lunches for groups like the Chamber of Commerce and networking purposes, I watched and took mental notes of what other women are wearing.
3.  In a creative field, creativity matters.  I make sure to add interesting pieces and not be too plain.  It helps to have one statement piece in the look.

4. I purchased a few quality pieces including shoes.  And added some affordable pieces which I think look more expensive than they are.
5. More than ever before, I pay attention to my total look including hair and nails.  I have never really been one for regular manicures…now I am.  My hands are also part of my story. And, the total look means I consider closely my accessories in order to obtain a balance.  The accessories should enhance the outfit and not over-power it.
6. More with professional wear than ever before, I always ask what message is the look sending before I leave the house in it.  I want to communicate I am strong, professional, creative, and appropriately mature (meaning I want to make sure I don’t look too young or trendy).  Classic, chic styles still work best in the career world.

For me, a casual Friday style in an office would be dark denim, and a quality blazer which fits well. I still want to maintain professionalism.  You can throw a blazer over just about anything…like this sheath dress…and come out with a more professional appearance. 

NINA GARCIA, PROJECT RUNWAY judge and creative director for MARIE CLAIRE, recently said, “Green is the color of hope.”  This green and black sheath dress represents that for me.  I feel great in it after losing weight and it is the style I am going for right now.  It was not expensive, but it is worth a lot to me.  Find the dress CLICK HERE.

Please tell us…how do people in your industry typically dress?  Do you dress the same or go for a different style?  Tomorrow, come back for ideas from an image consultant.

Happy Work Week, all!

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