Fall fashion…how I love it!  Just brings a smile to my face.  And, most often that smile is there!  Thank you to all who sent special messages after I confessed to a bad week last week.  Turns out there really was a reason for my Looney-Tunes behavior…I have a “significant” sinus infection and now I am on medication…happy to see the end of this tunnel.

I was struck recently with how difficult it is these days to maintain a joyful, optimistic attitude.  We went to a movie, a comedy, but the previews of coming movies were so dark and depressing.  Current television shows are the same way…you either watch news played out in fiction (don’t need that), or see people eat each other alive with anger on reality television.  From video games to social media, the messaging is overly negative and sad.

We must choose to look up, look away, and smile in order to enjoy each and every day.  It is a battle…but it is worth it…choose to smile…choose to focus on the good…choose to find beauty in all people…and choose to believe #IMATTER…because you do!

THIS TUNIC is a beautiful, art-inspired top in the SOFT SURROUNDINGS ART INSPIRED STYLE FOR FALL 2015.  I love it…I feel like a painting.  *I am choosing to forget the humidity which attacked my hair, because I love the look!  San Antonio, this tunic is currently at Soft Surroundings in the Shops of La Cantera…tell them Pam sent you!  Find the tunic HERE!

Have a joyous Thursday, everyone!

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