We can all use a little encouragement at the beginning of a new year.  And I know we can use a little peace.

The fabulous, fellow midlife blogger, GLENDA HARRISON brings us encouragement in her new book, A PLACE CALLED PEACE.

I sat down to read some of it recently and did not get up until I had finished all of it.

In some ways, Glenda and I have much in common.  Both of us were discouraged and often defeated by important people in our lives…Glenda by her father and I by my mother.  She tells her poignant and open story of trials which now have strengthened her, molded her, and resulted in victory.  She became an I MATTER woman upon realizing it was time to remove toxic people from her life and move forward.

Once she accepted her gifts and talents and did not allow others to define who she was, Glenda soared, like a beautiful butterfly bursting from its cocoon….the theme of her story. 

She founded a wonderful non-profit organization, started a successful blog, and wrote her story.  She joins me in April on the speaker team for BAM 2016

If you need encouragement or just want to read about a talented fellow blogger, then order A PLACE CALLED PEACE, HERE.

See you Sunday for a different HIT YOUR STYLE SWEET SPOT, the topic is a reader request!
Have a wonderful Saturday!

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