2016 is in full swing and for me brings many new challenges with the career reinvention.  This is my first year completely on my own with self-employment, and I am constantly learning and tweaking.  When you dive into something new after age sixty, there has to be a huge learning curve…

1. Flexibility…it is a must.  I have to be willing to do a variety of different jobs and not attempt to shove it all into one small box.
2. Perseverance…the year started with small surgery, and taxes due.  But, I must keep going on…
3. One day At A Time…If I only concentrate on making this one day successful, then I don’t worry about the future and get discouraged.

4. Focus…while flexibility is important, I must also make sure I focus on my business, strengths, and experience.  I cannot allow myself to chase rabbits on other trails and which might cause the main business to suffer. I also need to focus on learning more and staying educated.
5. Family…Now that the business is ME, I have to make sure I shut it down every day (physically and mentally) and give my family priority time.  I cannot allow those relationships to suffer in the pursuit of financial security.

Finally, I must be frugal and wise with fashion choices.  I may be self employed and currently working mostly at home, but, I still want to dress well every day because no one knows what the day will bring.  I found this Chico’s jacket at a wonderful re-sale shop in our area called CLOTHES MENTOR. All other pieces have been in my wardrobe for a while. One great piece purchased from re-sale/consignment can keep the wardrobe fresh for less.

I hope to encourage more of you that career reinvention is possible later in life…not necessarily easy, but possible.  Now, please go enjoy the wonderful blogs of the Thursday Blog Hop!!

Enjoy each moment of this day!
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