Welcome to a new collaboration with Jennifer of A Well Styled Life and Pam of over50feeling40.  We desire for all of us…the grandmothers, the professionals, the retirees, the volunteers… the fabulous women over 50 …to look and feel our best each and every day.  After years of blogging for this audience, we have heard from so many of you about your discouragement and despondency when you look in the mirror every morning.  But, we both know just how transformative style can be and we hope to encourage you with specific, step-by-step guidelines right here every Sunday.  We would like to see all of us empowered with strength, joy, and confidence!
Each Sunday, we will bring to you a scenario we face each week and show you our step-by-step process as we decide what to wear…you will see on our individual blogs how we handle the challenge and seek our personal sweet spot for the day!

With so many experiencing very cold weather, it just might be the perfect time to visit your museums!  We asked a group of friends on Friday what they like to wear to the art museum and top of the list were comfortable shoes!  I agree…and usually wear a pair of ballet flats.

There is no better place than an art museum to feed our creativity and bring inspiration. 

I guess it is the “artist” in me which likes to dress accordingly when I go…with a little creative flair. Somehow, I feel more connected to all that is around me….plus, it is fun.

Today, Jennifer and I are both bringing to you styles from ARTFUL HOME, a place where real artists design and create the clothing just for us.

Artful Home introduced me to artist and designer, CYNTHIA ASHBY, and I am so impressed with her work.  It is unique, comfortable, stylish, wearable art. She says she designs for the woman who is “one perpetual treasure hunt.”  That’s me!

Her FLOOD JACKET gives me all the creativity I desire and fits within my personal style and my current wardrobe…with a standout, statement piece.  Then I can add my own creative touch…

Just the right accessories will personalize a look, and help clothe me for a day at the art museum.  This would be exactly what I would want to wear.

Artful Home is the place for investment, personal dressing at it’s best.  Check it out…and do not forget to check their WINTER COLLECTION and APPAREL SALE PRICES.  Oh yes, and the comfortable SHOES.

Also, remember almost all of the top museums have a fun cafe or restaurant and it is always good to look our best when joining the crowd for a meal!  I don’t mind being the visible standout piece in the room!

Thanks to those who filled out our survey.  We received some excellent ideas for this series and we will be implementing them…so watch for your idea to appear!

Let’s go see what JENNIFER AT A WELL STYLED LIFE is wearing to the museum!



Have a warm, wonderful week ahead!

Disclaimer:  I did receive product for this post, but the words and opinions are my own.

My pictures were taken at The Art Institute of Chicago.

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