When I returned from surgery, Maddie had taken over my bed.  She wasn’t happy to see me. And, on top of that, we both had nose issues. My surgery was sinus surgery…the blockage had been described as “severe” and had begun to deteriorate bones in my eye socket… it took right at three hours to remove it.  I feel ignorant for not responding to sinus issues earlier (I have had them most of my life), but glad that it is over and recovery is going well.  Lesson for us all…pay attention to your health!

Since this surgery made my face feel dry and old, I was so glad to find in the mail a sample of this new Strivection Multi-Action Restorative Cream.  I need restoring!  And I really love their products.  I will let you know what I think, but you can find it for the same price at MACYSULTANORDSTROMDILLARDSSAKS FIFTH AVENUE

When I read the 12 Signs of Aging, I thought, WOW, all of this applies!

The STRIVECTIN NECK TIGHTENING CREAM is awesome, so I am expecting good results here.

Also, waiting for me was this book…LET FOOD BE YOUR MEDICINE by Don Colbert, MD.

Again, appropriate timing.  Since I have been sick for several weeks which lead to the surgery, I have gained weight from lack of exercise and unhealthy eating…(more about that later).  So, I am ripe for teaching from Dr. Colbert and see what the book has to say.

I am so ready to feel good again.  And get back to where I was before sickness took over.  This book might have some food ideas and recovery time is a good time to read.  So you might also want to check it out HERE.

Then again, recovery time is a good time to find great deals.  I saw many midlife women in over-the-knee-boots this year and they looked fabulous…I like SAM EDELMANVINCE CAMUTOFRANCO SARTO…all look beautiful! 

Back to health, Pamela…oh yes, and there is a cat in my bed!

Happy Thursday, all!


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