A Letter to My Readers….About Economic Diversity and Understanding

Dear readers of over50feeling40,

This letter is similar to one I have written before.  Occasionally, I feel like I must remind some of you what I am doing here….
The reason I love the world of fashion is the same reason I
love to visit an art museum, or love to decorate my home.  There lives a creative bent deep inside of
me.  My entire fashion life has been about
taking inspiration from magazines and runway shows…now Pinterest…and learning
how to create the same looks I am drawn to in an affordable way.
I do not get frustrated or jealous that I cannot afford many
of the pieces I love, but my creative juices begin to flow when I am inspired
and want to “fashion” the same type of style. Since I began working part-time retail last May, I have met wonderful women…some who have the disposable income to spend thousands on their clothing, and some who stop by to check out the sales racks on a regular basis.  We share a love of clothing and a desire to look our best at whatever price point we live in. 
This is a diverse audience. 
I know there are some of you who love the Goodwill/thrift posts I write
because that is where you live.  I also
know there are some of you who can afford to treat yourself with fashion from
Neiman Marcus, Artful Home, or other high end retailers.  Investments in key pieces can often pay off in many ways.  Some live in between… where I usually reside.
I learn and apply what I learn from the top retailers and
designers.  When I write about high end
fashion, it is so those who can afford the clothing will look for it, and for
those who are on a different budget be inspired by it.  I hope when I bring you the fashion show
later in the week, it will not anger some of you, but inspire you in ways to
copy a look in an affordable manner to your own budget.  Frustration only shuts us down, but when we
look at what others are doing and broaden our minds, there is just no telling
what we can create in our own closets.  In the fall, my friend Gigi and I noticed the models at Neiman Marcus were wearing various lengths of layered necklaces.  We headed over to Charming Charlie’s to re-create the styles on our budgets.  It was a great way to celebrate her visit from out-of-town.
I am still the same woman who began this blog in 2010.  Yes, I was a teacher, but honestly, I am more
on a budget than ever before, because that teacher’s guaranteed salary is
gone.  I did not retire…there was no
retirement plan in the private school where I worked.  I quit because of  a leadership change and a disagreement on new policies. 
I want to show you the full range of what is offered to you to
look and feel your best and then you can decide according to your budget what
works best for you.  Please don’t get
angry or frustrated when I show all that is available…we are diverse and I want
to serve you all. This is still a blog for the everyday woman…I am not a
skinny, young fashionista pretending to be something I am not.  I am and will always be a journalist for
women over 50…reporting all of the stories to help you strive for joy, strength, and confidence.  I also share with you a real, over 60 life and all that I am learning as well.
I hope you stick with me…for a fun ride. I appreciate all of you so very much.

Now, tomorrow, Jennifer and I are going to show you how we do
over 50 fashion on a budget…I hope you will join us!!

Have a wonderful Saturday!


  1. I have a pretty tight budget for new clothing purchases, but I really enjoy looking at fashion at all price points, and especially how they are styled. It truly is/can be art. I like your necklace example, and I have often even been able to rework things I already owned.

    I have also realized that many women whose style I admire do not necessarily spend a lot on clothes. Rather, they know how to work with what they already own, adding a few updates here and there.

    Looking forward to your fashion show post!

  2. I. too, have been a Fashion Addict since I was a child would accompany my Aunt on weekly visits to the most exclusive shops in the city. We never bought a thing! We merely feasted with our eyes. This movitated me to learn how to sew (made my first dress at 12) and to later become a fashion designer in NYC in the 1980s. I left design to become a writer and now write a monthly fashion blog for women over 50 at http://www.NYCityWoman.com. Still can't afford even the sale rack at Saks – but I snatch up Prada, Ralph Lauren and other goodies at my local consignment shop!

    1. How exciting, Stacia that you were a designer! I will visit your blog. In my post tomorrow, I will mention how wonderful consignment and resale shops can be! Thanks for stopping by.

  3. Great thoughts. A long time ago I worked in the Better Dresses of Lord & Taylor at Northpark in Dallas. I don't know if the mall exists anymore but in the early 80s it was the place to shop. As a college student I remember saving a bit each paycheck for a St. John knit dress. I waited on all women — all races, education levels and economic strata. A woman enjoys feeling beautiful and there's no more inportant time in life for this than as we age — gracefully. Thanks for you positive light, info shared. And fun.

    1. Yes, Northpark is still around and still one of the places to go! St. John makes such beautiful garments so I understand why you saved for it. Thank you for your comment, Jamie!

  4. It's an inherent problem that many bloggers face – the beautiful stuff is the most expensive! I want my readers to see it, but I don't expect that they can purchase them! But if I show things from more affordable stores, someone complains because the things I'm showing are too "common."

    Your taste is exquisite, and your writing is fully of charm and verve, and your blog is unmissable for many of us. Carry on, do the best you can (as if you wouldn't do that anyway) and understand that you can't write specifically for each woman in the world.

    big hugs,

    1. Janice, you are amazing…how I wished we lived closer…I must get back to Chicago! I so appreciate all you said here and I believe the service your blog does to help women know how to put looks together is so vital. It does take many of working to hopefully encourage and inspire others. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

  5. My first stop at your blog. Really like what you're saying here. Love fashion but limited in budget as my business downsized and making money as an author? Not so easy! 🙂 Happy to join you on this ride of looking good and spending less from time to time.

    1. Welcome Debby…so happy you came by…honestly most of my blogging has been about budget shopping…you will see that on the next post. But, occasionally I bring those who can afford high end pieces some fashion to drool over. We can all learn from each other. Thanks for the comment.

  6. Hi Pam, I have been following you for a couple of years now and I must say you are a true inspiration for the woman over 50! Fortunately (and gratefully) after many years on a tight budget, I am now able to afford to upgrade my wardrobe. Your blog has been so helpful and I have to thank you for helping me feel my best in my "mid age"!!

  7. I've been along for the ride for several years and I'm not going anywhere! I love thrift store shopping and I usually head for the sales racks first in other stores. I've learned a lot from you and other over 50 bloggers about how to look my best without spending a fortune. I do follow a couple of fashion blogs that focus on items that are way beyond my price point, but, like you, I can learn a thing or two from them too.

  8. Pam, you are doing a great job! I have noticed in the past month, several bloggers have addressed this same problem. To me, if someone has a problem with your content – let them go elsewhere and you just delete the rant! Don't change a thing, please. BTW, I'm approaching 62 and I retired from teaching in 2013. I'm right there with you!

    1. Thanks Terry! Sometimes readers get upset when I report stories from high end retailers…but again, we can all learn from each other and I try to cover price points for many different readers. They inspire me and so does Goodwill…there is room for all.

  9. Pam, I am so inspired by your blog. After living in scrubs/uniforms most of my nursing career, I am now retired. After caring for others for over 36 years I am now caring for my own health. Your blog has taught me so much about having confidence, pulling outfits together, putting more effort in my appearance, and having poise in my style. In addition you have introduced me to other bloggers such as yourself that share in connecting with the over50 feeling 40 subscribers. Thank you for all you do!

    1. Teresa, I am so glad that you are now caring for yourself. Something many women struggle with. Thank you for the encouraging words …if I have helped you, it pleases me so much for that is why I am here. We have such a great community of 40+ bloggers and there are lots of fun ideas. Thanks for being here and for your comment.

  10. Very wise to "write" this letter. And I totally agree with you. I am on the middle and high end of budgets. No money for real designers, but enough for good brands. I feel I am very lucky and I enjoy it. If I "clean out" my closet I always give my clothes etc. to friends without charging anything. I feel I am so rich that I might get jinxed if I ask money for my second hands. That the universe will say to me: "you are so rich and instead of letting others enjoy your throw-outs, you want to earn from it as well?" Haha. Just my feeling, not judging anyone.

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