There was a lot of talk this week with the over 50 bloggers about fashion magazines…do we still look to them for inspiration?  I only read a couple…HARPER’S BAZAAR and INSTYLE…to get ideas and see what it happening in the world of fashion.  So, in this edition of Harper’s Bazaar, I found an ad for spring fashion.  I have numbered the looks in the ad…so tell me, would you wear any of them, all of them, or which ones?? (Sorry the pictures are not better!) Numbers 1-3 are maxi-dresses, and #4 is a pant outfit.  This is our weekly dose of Would You Wear It….

By the way, there is a misconception that I only post looks I personally like on Would You Wear It…not so, I try to go for a variety of what the industry is showing us in visuals…I do not tell you what I think, on purpose…I want to know what YOU think!

Enjoy your Saturday!!

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Look for Hit Your Style Sweet Spot later as Jennifer and I dress for a baby shower!!

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