Would You Wear It??

There was a lot of talk this week with the over 50 bloggers about fashion magazines…do we still look to them for inspiration?  I only read a couple…HARPER’S BAZAAR and INSTYLE…to get ideas and see what it happening in the world of fashion.  So, in this edition of Harper’s Bazaar, I found an ad for spring fashion.  I have numbered the looks in the ad…so tell me, would you wear any of them, all of them, or which ones?? (Sorry the pictures are not better!) Numbers 1-3 are maxi-dresses, and #4 is a pant outfit.  This is our weekly dose of Would You Wear It….

By the way, there is a misconception that I only post looks I personally like on Would You Wear It…not so, I try to go for a variety of what the industry is showing us in visuals…I do not tell you what I think, on purpose…I want to know what YOU think!

Enjoy your Saturday!!

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Look for Hit Your Style Sweet Spot later as Jennifer and I dress for a baby shower!!


  1. I hardly buy the glossy mags any more so full of ads and irrelevant fashion. I prefer to get inspiration from the internet, pinterest and other bloggers. Have a good week-end and thank you for all your nice comments.

  2. Make the one on the right more form fitting, and it could become Minnesota-winter, around-the-house loungewear (a category of clothing I know all too well). Otherwise, hmmm. . .

  3. #1 I might consider for pool side but rarely need anything for that anymore. I have a pool but am generally hostessing for the kids in shorts and a tee. I am tall so rarely would be able to find a maxi long enough but even so they generally feel too fussy for my style. The stripes in 2 and 4 are too much for me- I like a stripe top but these would feel overdone for my style. And I don't dress in all black anymore so 3 is out although I can't see the picture well.

  4. I think I have always looked at magazines as inspirations I changed to fit me (which has always meant I changed it A LOT).

    I would take the photo as inspiration to add some new stripes (which I LOVE) to my wardrobe. I wouldn't wear any of the outfits as is, but as Susan said, if there were a tunic version of #2, I would also gladly wear it!

  5. I had already heard that stripes are big again this Spring and apparently graphic prints. That's about my take-away from an ad like this. Does anybody really wear this stuff?

  6. In my 20s my dress was part Indiana Jones, part resort from the pages of Vogue with a little business Armani thrown in. I had great fun with clothes and my lifestyle lent itself to my indulgences. Now my budget is nowhere what it used to be, plus I have nowhere to where them, but if those two things were fixed… Yes! I'd wear a lot of those clothes… Just not so many prints. Too busy for me.

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