Would You Wear It? Time for Your Opinion!

Happy Saturday, everyone…I so hope you had a wonderful week.

It is time for you to tell the fashion world what you think!  So, printed leggings are currently on trend.  What do you think?

Would You Wear It? Please remember to tell us why or why not?

Let us know…then 


And remember to join Jennifer and me tomorrow for

We will discuss what to wear to Saturday Brunch…yes, we are discussing Saturday Brunch on Sunday!  Just to keep you on your toes!


  1. No — I have a long torso with short legs. The print on these leggings would not work for me. Maybe something more subdued. I do like the color combo, though!!

  2. I'm almost 62 and would definitely wear those print leggings. It has to be the right print for my style though, and those are. I would also love capri pants in that print. I like to have a bit more fun with my summer wardrobe.

  3. A long tunic over narrow bottoms works for my hippy body-type, but I'd prefer the print on top. No need to draw attention to my sturdy calves and ankles.

  4. No. I agree with Constance. I like a classic or basic bottom and would make things pop with a printed scarf or top. Printed bottoms strike me as old. I guess what's old is new again.

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