I have never had my colors done…until this past weekend.  I know the identification of a woman’s best colors to wear has been around for over 20 years when COLOR ME BEAUTIFUL hit the scene, but I never really appreciated why I needed to understand it.  

Many of us know what colors we just do not care for, or believe we look good in!  So, it helps to meet with others and talk all things color.  The SOFT SURROUNDINGS where I work part time at THE SHOPS OF LA CANTERA brought in an image consultant to teach sales associates about color.

The most important lesson I learned and saw was how wearing some colors will actually darken the circles under our eyes and make the wrinkles look more pronounced.  That motivated me to sit in the chair.  It not only is important for clothing…but very important for selection of makeup as well.

What color am I??   I am a WINTER.  I guess I knew it, because these are the colors I usually wear…except for this pink in the color wheel below (I call it Pepto-Bismal Pink).  I am still perplexed about military-green and burnt orange…which I think look good on me, but are not in my colors. Still thinking about those…but, the orange I like is one of those which brings out the worst on my face!  Don’t want that! But I love the color.

 I did look up information on WINTER colors and I am most like actress Anne Hathaway…according to the experts…and I do like that! I think she is stunning.  I also headed into the excellent beauty area at the store and made some new cosmetic selections…I am not yellow based in my complexion, but pink…I did like what I saw from COSMETICS AT SOFT SURROUNDINGS.  The JANE IREDALE CIRCLE DELETE and AMARTE BB CREAM went home with me. 

Winters look good in all of my favorite neutrals and I do love that…don’t have to change my blacks, whites, grays or taupes. 

Here is a new version of the book I think I am going to check out and see if I learn anything REINVENT YOURSELF WITH COLOR ME BEAUTIFUL.

Have you had your colors done??  What do you think?  Have you ever considered how they make your facial features look?  The dark circle factor was very revealing to me!  All in all, I am glad I went to the seminar and happy for what I learned.

Tell us how you feel about color categories…

Have a Wonderful Wednesday!

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