I smiled
immediately upon watching the couple enter our store doors.  They were impeccably dressed.  She in a simple form fitting black sheath
with beautiful gold jewelry, and an intricate shawl around her small frame.  He in a perfectly tailored suit topped with a
luxurious silk tie.   A hint of gray in
their hair was the best sign of advanced age. 
I immediately complimented their style on this Sunday afternoon.

She said, “Well,
of course we are dressed, we just came from services.”
I told her
it was nice to see some church congregations still dressed up.  My own church dresses down…especially on Saturday
evening services.  You might just see tee
shirts and cut offs.  Now, I agree it makes some feel more comfortable there, and I like it…but I do miss the beauty of Christmas and Easter services where women wore lovely dresses and even hats. 
We briefly
discussed how sad it is that so many places…including many businesses now dress
down to a more casual style.  She
smiled.  “Not me,” she said.  “I love looking my best and always will.”
In fact,
that day as I watched many walk by clad in exceptionally causal clothing, I noticed the poor posture which accompanied the lack of care with clothing.   Thus, another reason to look our best… somehow,
it makes us want to stand up, pull our shoulders back and walk in confidence. I
love this quote from Paulo Coelho quoted in the book POLISH YOUR POISE WITH MADAME CHIC by Jennifer L. Scott:

“Elegance is usually confused with
superficiality, fashion, lack of depth. 
This is a serious mistake: human beings, need to have elegance in their
actions and in their posture because this word is synonymous with good taste,
amiability, equilibrium and harmony.

Scott even
says, “If you correct your posture, you will feel the strength of poise.”

I saw
elegance and poise walk in our store last weekend….and I desire to walk the
same way.
How about
you?  Do you agree with the dressing down
of our culture…or think it is just fine? 
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