Happy Wednesday!  I wanted to share with you a dish I am super in love with and just cannot get enough of…and it simply is eating a salad hot!

Here are the ingredients:  A bag of DOLE CHOPPED SALAD KIT in Sunflower Crunch…Coconut Oil from Central Market…A dash of sea salt, a dash of Simply Asia Sweet Ginger Garlic from Costco… and a chopped apple!

A teaspoon goes in the skillet and heat on medium high.

Then fill your skillet with the salad bag…sprinkle with the seasonings and top with the chopped apple and sunflower seeds.  It cooks down in about five minutes and I usually allow it to simmer for about 15 minutes…then YUM!  Variations equally as good…cook in the dressing which accompanies the salad or add salmon or chicken…or fresh pineapple!
I am not being paid by anyone to give you this recipe…I just like it so much I had to share!  Something else I like is Woolite’s Campaign for Dress for Success…this video is fun and I love the message of confidence… You might also want to listen to our latest Blab on Transitioning to Spring while leaving Frumpy Behind!  Join the Frump Busters!  The link is in the sidebar………….

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