The Artist in Us All…Plus the Thursday Blog Hop!

My dear friend, Gail, has been an art teacher for close to 30 years, and she believes everyone can be an artist…no matter whether you think you can or not.  She says there is a creative bent deep inside us all.  So, when my daughter in law decided to treat me and her mom to an afternoon of painting at PINOT’S PALETTE. I thought Why Not…could be fun…and it was!

I was rather shocked to sit down in front of a blank canvas with no lines or numbers on it!  Some fear began to arise…would I be the first to prove Gail wrong?? I can see why they encourage groups to bring in the wine or drink of choice…I did get a tad tense my first time.

It was Easter weekend and this is what the artist was teaching us to paint.  She stands at the front of the class and shows us how.  They are very good at coming to the rescue if you mess up.  Though you can see below that my interpretation is a bit different, I think I want to do it again!  I have gained a little confidence.

I thought this would be a good day to show you another wonderful selection from the ARTFUL HOME SPRING CATALOG.  I love the designs from Planet, and I am modeling the PLANET SIMPLE V TEE below…

This is a fun piece I know I will wear alot in warmer weather.  The linen is very comfortable and the color vibrant….the color is called Lipstick.  Planet is rapidly becoming a favorite brand for me at ARTFUL HOME. It also brings out the artist in me!
The necklace is by local jewelry designer SUSAN BUTLER!
Next time I go to PINOT’S PALETTE, I want to paint something like this….

Remember, tomorrow is our second from Frumpy to Fabulous First Friday!  See you then with my fellow #TheFrumpBusters, Jennifer and Susan.
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Disclaimer:  This garment was provided to me by Artful Home, but the words are my own.


  1. Your painting is fab. Keep it up. Its good to have a creative outlet but I also see clothes styling as artistic and so think the comment should be modified to 'everyone can be creative'. That top has great sleeves. Just the right length.

  2. Painting parties are so much fun! I did one a few months ago with my younger son's classmates' moms, and I loved it! I want to go back! You did a great job with your painting!

    Nice top! Gorgeous color! I can see you getting a lot of wear out if it!

  3. I love painting parties. I only discovered them a few months ago and now I try to go once a month! I have fallen in love with the magic of paint and color, and the fellowship over a glass of wine and be creative is addictive! Love your outfit also, you wear red so beautifully! Wishing you a peace filled day.

  4. Pam, I really wish I lived near you. You do such fun things and I want to come and play!! I need to get to a painting place sometime soon. I'm in need of a night out.

  5. Your picture turned out really nice. I know what you mean about a blank paper or whatever. I like paint by numbers myself. It's a great way to relax and enjoy feeling creative without too much hard thinking!

  6. Love your painting, Pam! I've always wanted to try one of the painting/wine nights (emphasis on the wine;). This looks like fun! The color of the top looks great on you. Thanks for hosting the linkup. I actually hit it right this time and was able to join.
    Happy weekend!

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