Madison Reed Root Touch Up: Confidence for Women Over 50

 Hopefully, you watched the video! It is amazing how good the color match really is!  I thought I had to settle for less…not any more, I deserve great color and a healthy alternative with Madison Reed! Now here is a special just for those of you who are brand new customers.  If you order HERE, you will receive free shipping on the order when you purchase the Root Touch Up.  Also, if you want to try the Shampoo and Conditioner set, you will receive $5 off.  This offer is only valid until May 31.  Click HERE for the offer!

Have a wonderful Thursday!
Stay Confident!


Disclaimer:  There are affiliate links in this offer.  The product was provided, but the words are my own.


  1. Love the video, Pam, so I can SEE and HEAR you! I've been using Joan River's touch-up for those in-between cut and colors and like it. But all natural? I love that. I'll have to give this product a try. Thanks again for finding products for me! And for our community.

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