Roadblocks to Personal Style for Women Over 50

Like it or
not…care about it or not…we all have a personal style.  If you ignore it, you are still communicating
something about yourself to the outside world. 
Our style is so much more than clothes; yet, clothes are a major part of
our personalities.
When I first
read this quote from STACY LONDON, I could identify.  For years, I allowed emotional obstacles to
block me from going forward toward looking and feeling my best.  Once I began to process all the factors I had
allowed to shut me down, I was able to keep walking along the path and go
through the gate to success.
So, I ask
you today…is there any obstacle blocking your path toward achieving confident
personal style?
What do you
think the obstacle or obstacles might be? 
Let’s keep going forward…life is amazing and fun after 50…even more so
when wearing a confident smile!

Have a wonderful Wednesday!


  1. That is a great poncho/jacket/ruana Pam! Looks light as a feather but so stylish! Interesting quote. I can identify with the obstacles. I choose to walk around them, but do find that sometimes they impact what I wear and that bothers me. One obstacle I can identify is dressing 'because of' people you will be with. There have been times I've wanted to wear something and have held back because I didn't want to endure the comments "you're wearing THAT?". Maybe that doesn't seem like an obstacle to style and confidence, but it is. I do have a sense of personal style and usually don't have the obstacle issue, but it can crop up from time to time. I am much more confident now than I was when I was younger, and much more in tune with my own style. I'm getting better at pushing asked the remarks and just expressing what I want to at a given time, but sometimes it can still be a struggle!

  2. Thanks Karen…I got the kimono at Soft Surroundings last year and I love it! It is a HUGE obstacle and one I faced often in the past…I still face it but try not to let those words get to me. I understand the struggle and what it takes to overcome it. The more confident I am, the more I am able to own my choices and not be bothered by what a naysayer might say. There are times I go back and after evaluation decide on my own it wasn't a good choice…but it was my choice not their's. It takes baby steps, but I so understand the struggle of living with constant criticism.

  3. This fits so perfectly with the conversation I had yesterday. I was out walking with a friend and sweating in the Texas heat 🙂 and I made the offhanded remark I have no style. My friend informed me I say that all the time – – I did not realize this 🙂 – – but that I did have a style. She used different words but what she pointed out was that the obstacle to my style was me. Was my realizing that sporty 🙂 was indeed a style.

  4. See, Carla, after the little time we have spent together, I would say you have a strong, confident, relaxed, sporty style…with a great smile! Perhaps you are your roadblock…because you got style, girl!

  5. The biggest obstacle for women is confidence itself! If you're confident in who you are and how you look, you're more inclined to dress well instead of trying to blend in or not care.

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