Hi, everyone!  I hope
you had a wonderful holiday weekend.  It
is the first time I have taken a  long vacation away from posting since I became a
blogger and I really needed it to get my life organized.   You are in the right place…if looking for
over50feeling40, that is.
 For the past four
years, Tuesdays have only been my link to my MIDLIFE BOULEVARD post.
I am on Midlife Boulevard today discussing what I have
learned so far about entering the professional world again after 60. Join me HERE for some eye opening observations about a new career.
But, I wanted to post a little more today, since I have been
gone from this place….and I missed you! 
After seven years, blogging is in my blood and even if I do not post
every day, I think about it!  
I have a
love/hate relationship with the month of July.
LOVE:  I love the fact
I began blogging July 2010 and it really did change my life in so many positive
ways.  Blogging played a major role in
opening doors to return to the career world later in life and in my confidence
to believe I could.
HATE:  After seven
years, there are many upgrades and changes I need to make to my blog and they
just loom over my head and add a little stress to what I do.
LOVE:  July is my
birthday month…and I am really okay with turning 63…this has been a fun time of
life for me.
HATE:  Again, there
are health matters which must be dealt with and for some reason I have trouble
conquering the beast…hopefully by next July, I can tell you, the beast is
LOVE:  I love Texas in
July…it is so colorful and relaxed and laid back.
HATE:  I hate the over
100 degree weather and it just hangs on until October.  It is truly a fashion-challenge!
LOVE:  July represents
halftime!  The year is half over and my
favorite time of year, from October to December is right around the corner.

HATE:  When the year
is half over, I am reminded of all those annual goals I have set for myself which
are not close to accomplishment…again, this is self-inflicted stress!
Despite the “hates” on the list…I really do love July.  You can see in the first picture I have been out looking over the July sales!  A fun time of year to shop!
July also reminds me of how special you are to me…the readers of this blog.  You have been faithful, responsive, helpful, friendly, and amazing for the last seven years.  I thank you for the bottom of my heart.
Tell us what you did this weekend…and make sure to check out Midlife Boulevard HERE!

Have a wonderful Tuesday!!

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