FGI San Antonio Fall Fashion Preview

Our local Fashion Group International (FGI) chapter hosted a lovely evening this week to present the top Fall 2016 Fashion Trends. NEIMAN MARCUS provided the fashions, top local designers gave the commentary and the champagne flowed.

Xitlalt Herrera-Salazar (L), public relations manager for Neiman
Marcus and FGI Regional Director-Elect, moderated the presentation which
included a prestigious panel of local fashion stars.  The panel included atelier Angelina Mata,
Project Runway participant and designer Samantha Plasencia, Project Runway
All-Star Winner and local boutique owner Anthony Ryan Auld, and merchandising
expert Suzan Lambillotte.  “FGI has
always prided itself on being a front runner for trends across the design world,
“said Herrera-Salazar.  “With this event
we truly gave industry professionals an insider’s look at what’s next, and what
consumers are going to be looking for in the months to come.”
The first trend presented was GOLD.  All shades of gold from rose to brushed are acceptable.  We even heard Alexander McQueen had designs on the runway sewn with brilliant gold thread.

Remember when we tied those little velvet ribbons around our necks?  Well, chokers are back and in this fall!  Also, velvet is a trend from clothing to accessories, it is a lighter, higher quality velvet the designers are selecting.

Fall florals was the next trend discussed.  Most often florals are for spring, but this year…they are in fall as well.  
Designers were influenced by the deaths off musicians David Bowie and Prince…therefore, there are many variations of bomber jackets.

The next trend discussed,(I mentioned on this blog yesterday)…the color BERRY.  
This is a color which looks good on all women…we will see it everywhere …even in menswear.

Black never goes away…but it is everywhere this fall in bold designs and textures.  I chose this picture because the sunlight highlights the pattern so well.

From clothing to accessories, it was a beautiful taste of the season , which had everyone talking, and had me thinking about my outfits.  FGI did a fabulous job, and Neiman Marcus styled gorgeous looks.  For San Antonio ladies, the Neiman’s Fall Fashion show is Wednesday evening…but get there early, it is always packed and beautifully presented.

Have a joyous Saturday all!


  1. What a great roundup. Neimans always does such a fabulous job! I remember those ribbons around our necks. Things just keep coming back around. I'm loving the berry trend!

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