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Welcome to a fun collaboration with Jennifer of A Well Styled Life and Pam of over50feeling40.  We desire for all of us… the fabulous women over 50 …to look and feel our best each and every day.  After years of blogging for this audience, we have heard from so many of you about your discouragement and despondency when you look in the mirror every morning.  But, we both know just how transformative style can be, and hope to encourage you right here each week.  We want to see all of us empowered with strength, joy, and confidence

Happy First Friday of August, everyone!  Hope you are all well and excited about the weekend…
My tip for the month should be an easy one.  One easy way to begin to transition your wardrobe is to start to wear the jewel-toned, saturation colors in place of lighter pastels.  Two nights ago I went to a presentation by the local Fashion Group International (FGI) on Fall trends.  There was a panel discussion featuring four local design stars and they highlighted and discussed what we will see on racks this fall.  Of course, the saturated colors are key.
One of the dominant colors for fall is called berry…a saturated member of the red/purple/maroon family! 
Project Runway contestant and sportswear designer, SAMANTHA PLASENCIA informed us, all women can wear berry…no matter your skin type…and the color is good for all year long.
I look best in saturated colors…but I encourage you to try and discover which ones work for you.  This will make August a little more fun.  I will bring you more shots from the presentation later.
What is your favorite jewel tone?
Now, let’s go see what JENNIFER OF A WELL STYLED LIFE has for a best tip!  And the beautiful Jennifer Connolly is also featured today on the Chico’s website in their blog INSIDE CHIC!!


Happy Friday!


  1. I have always liked jewel tones and wear them often in the winter. This is a good transitional tip. I love the berry and will look for something for fall/winter in that shade. My favorite jewel tones are deep blue and also wine, which goes right along with this berry shade.

  2. You do look fabulous in jewel tones, Pam! I love this color on you. Most overpower my coloring but I love them. Berry is a favorite as is deep teal. I'll be on the hunt for some berry accessories this fall.

  3. What a rich and gorgeous colour! I have dark hair, fair skin and blue eyes and can wear plums and teal blues very well. I love the return to richer colours in fall 🙂

  4. This makes my day. I just purchased a berry colored top and did not know that color was IN. I love it so now I'm thrilled to be fashion forward for a change.

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