First 2017 Monthly Style Tip for Women over 50

This is the first Friday of January 2017 and usually you find a monthly style tip for women over 50 here from both me and my major collaborator, Jennifer Connolly.  Jennifer is traveling and will join me for style tips on Sunday when we give you a tip for how to Hit Your Style Sweet Spot.  But, I wanted to get started with ideas today!

For the sake of illustration, let’s start by looking at this old news stand above.  Yes, it is rusty and out of date….no longer useful.  However, I submit to you, if someone cleaned it, gave it a coat of paint (perhaps a shabby chic style) and placed it within our building to hold magazines for visitors, it could be a really fun piece. 

My January tip is to REFRESH your style.  Small touches can go a long way.  All I did today was mix up my pieces a little.  I have never worn all of these garments together in one look.   The best thing about having a wardrobe full of separates is the possibilities of so many different outfits.  But, perhaps, you are like me…you get busy and stuck in always wearing the pieces the same way because you know it works.   January is a perfect month to shake things up and wear them in different ways.  It is such a simple way to make a change in how you look.

Challenge yourself to style the pieces with other garments.  Perhaps spend some time one afternoon just recreating looks with what you currently own.

Refresh…renew…it is what the new year often is about.  And a little something new can build confidence. 
NOTE: I did not spend a dime to wear something new in these pictures.

On Sunday, Jennifer and I will have more tips for you.  Mine will continue the idea of REFRESH.  We all know how refreshment can be soothing, cooling, and inspiring when we feel a little dry! 

Is there anything new you plan to do with your wardrobe this year?

Happy Friday!

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    1. I always wore this with black pants! I really like it with these Chicos Juliet pants and glad I decided to do something different. Can't wait to see your tip for Sunday!

  1. I admittedly don't like shopping. I really only go when I'm in need. Now I need 4 new pairs of shoes to replace ones that have fallen apart…all in the same year! I like flats, but my feet get so cold, I need to wear socks. Any ideas about how to find comfortable shoes that don't scream, "I've given up?" Thanks!

    1. Hi Lois, I understand the need for cute flats. My number one favorite brand is the TOTAL MOTION line by Rockport…beautiful shoes, extreme comfort. I have about six pair of shoes from this line and they are my go to styles. Check out their website, perhaps they have sale prices right now…but it is the TOTAL MOTION specific line I like on the Rockport site.

  2. Good reminder, Pam.
    Over the winter break, I swapped out my navy & olive based pieces and rotated in my pastel pink pieces. Counter-intuitive for winter, I know, but I had received two flannel shirts in pink tones and I needed to incorporate them into my wardrobe. I have received so many compliments on my light wardrobe choices I think I did the right thing. With my existing black and gray base pieces, with a few cream pieces thrown in, I have enough outfits until my February break.
    …And Janice has been working on an olive based wardrobe for two days that is just stunning! Maybe bringing back the olive in March will be the way to go for me.
    Love how you can wear the leopard print so beautifully.

    1. Olive pieces are one of my favorites…love the greens! They are in my wheelhouse! Thanks for stopping by and sharing…I am so glad you experienced recently how mixing things up can be so much fun!

  3. I am waaay over 50 and still love to look nice…I favor oversized sweaters with fleece lined leggings and leather boots for the cold…

  4. I really like those pieces together! I stopped wearing my skirts and dresses when I left my job but this past week, I decided to wear them whenever I had the opportunity. I really missed being dressed like a professional. It was empowering! Who says you can't wear a skirts to a winter graduation or to take a friend to the doctor? 🙂

    1. Of course, you can wear a dress to the doctor or to run errands. I find that people smile at me more and give me better service when I dress up to do just about anything! Thanks for being here Linda…hope to hear from you some more!

  5. DITTO. I also have decided to change my look!! Last year was animal prints,stripes, and sooo much grey you wouldn't believe!!! so am adding more colour. No need for new purchases my closet is full to overflowing.

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