4 Favorite Looks So Far In 2017 for Fashion Over 50

Hard to believe it is about to be April!  Seems like New Year’s was just yesterday.  As we changed to a new season, I decided to reflect on  four of my favorite looks so far in 2017 for this woman over 50! 

Yes, I am having fun with this red wall…it has always been there but I never saw it as a photography background until this year.  So, far it backs up two of my favorite looks.

I am always sad to put away my faux leather leggings…but it gives me something to look forward to next year.

It’s been a fun beginning to 2017.  I hope you will join me as we go forward…so much to talk about and so little time.  I hope you are enjoying this year as much as I am.

As always, thanks for reading, commenting and being here!

Happy Friday!


  1. Love the red wall, it makes everything POP! I have been getting such great ideas from your blog, I LIVE in my JJill Wearever black pants, I even bought two pair as they were having an amazing 25% off! I have been incorporating the "column dressing" concept into my life and loving it. Thanks for all the wonderful advice!

  2. So happy to have found your blog. I'm in my mid fifties – just sent my youngest off to college and about to interview on capital hill for a staff job w a congressman this week. I'm hoping to transition from the classical music (no money put great work) world to a nine to five. Looking for inspiration on building a good watdrobe and found your blog – so thanks! Now – hose? If I wear a dress that hits right below the knee- yes. If I wear something that is ankle length – no. With heels above 2 inches – definitely yes. With open toe dressy sandals – no. Happy trails!

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