I am always in search of good health and beauty products for you and for me in an effort to look and feel our best over 50.


About two months ago, I began to drink a cup a day of Numi Organic Tumeric Amber Sun Tea.  It is a deaf tea with tumeric and cinnamon. Of course, I do not know for sure it helps with my inflammation, but I believe it has.

I have confessed to you before my problem with emotional eating…particularly, sugar.  After some research, I think this is going to be my best way to tackle it and break free of the sugar addiction.  I will blog about it when I decide when to begin….still reading.  I can’t wait to make recipes like this…


For those of you going through menopause or preparing for it, you might like this book by Lorraine Miano.  She shows the benefits of a healthy approach to this important time of life.  FIND THE MAGIC OF MENOPAUSE HERE

I have tried many dry shampoos of several price ranges, and I really like this Dove product the best.  Five days of the week I try to begin my day at the gym and usually like with sweaty head.  Since I like my longer, colored hair, this keeps me from constant shampooing…saves color and time.  FIND THE DOVE DRY SHAMPOO HERE.
I just recently discovered this mascara and really like it.  Because if my glasses, I tend to make up my eyes a bit more than I would otherwise and this is a good product, with volume and doesn’t smear in the heat.  FIND THE MASCARA HERE

The words cooling and comfy jumped on the package at me this first time I met these capri leggings.  Great for summer tunics or even a long dress!  Check them out HERE.


Hope These Help you to Smile!
Disclaimer:  The mascara and leggings were products sent for my review.  The words are my own.

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