Is Casual Friday Still Relevant?

I really try to take it seriously…casual Friday that is.  I try to save my denim and more casual looks for Fridays.  The rest of the week has always been for the best of my professional wear. But, I have to wonder if it is still relevant?  Throughout America, we seem to be dressing more and more casual all of the time.

These are both outfits I wore recently for Friday.

I would not look like this for professional lunches, meetings, or seminars.

Though I do not know why those things could not happen on a Friday.  I have a couple of Fridays I regretted dressing casual.

I work with a young lady who also ia a wedding planner on the weekends.  She is from Alabama, and she commented on how the Texas weddings where men come in starched jeans and girls wear dresses with cowboy boots are so rare any where else.  Maybe the tendency to “dress down” is more local…but casual work wear has definitely grown past Friday in Texas.  

I like to see people still dressing for work and even for church and for weddings.  But, casual is all the rage for all three.

What about you…are you happy to see more casual style accepted now or do you like to see people dress for these occasions?  Please share…would love to hear what you think!

Keep Smiling Everyone!

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  1. It makes me sad that people don't dress up for occasions any more. I go to the theatre regularly, and I'm shocked how many people wear jeans. For me, every occasion is an opportunity to dress up and have fun. My office does casual Friday, but I never go "that" casual – there are people here who do the dreaded socks-and-sandals (shudder). I usually try to do a "Funky Friday" where I dress up a little wackier than normal, hee hee.

  2. I am no longer a part of the working world, but I think that we live in a world that is way too casual about many things. I think some of it stems from having too much screen time where dress & grooming don't matter. Last week, Steve Harvey was helping some young men dress for prom. Mr. Harvey made the comment "Ladies like a well dressed man." I believe the same could be said for gentlemen liking a well dressed lady.

  3. I like Funky Friday better…sounds like fun. We went to the theater last week and commented to each other how casual everyone was. My husband loves to dress up and is sometimes the best dressed at events. Thanks for your comment Shelia.

  4. I like that quote about a well dressed man and well dressed lady. I believe that to be true. It is sad to see how there are no longer really special events…there always seems to be some who are really casual. Thanks for stopping by Becky.

  5. I think in too many cases casual dressing has become sloppy dressing. One can look great in casual attire as long it is neat, clean and well-fitted. I've had my share of seeing pajama bottoms, ripped jeans (I know they're on trend but I dislike them) and flip flops (except poolside or at the beach). To me, it shows laziness and a bit of disrespect. There are occasions when more formal dress should be worn. But in no case is it ever appropriate to be sloppy. Another good post, Pam!

  6. I live in Canada and it has become very casual here too. I recently retired and moved to the province of British Columbia and find it even more casual here than where I lived in Alberta. I still like to dress up for church and weddings, funerals etc. I think there is a more casual attitude about many things now.

  7. Well said, Beth B. I am glad that I am not the only one who dislikes flip flops as all occasion wear.

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