I really try to take it seriously…casual Friday that is.  I try to save my denim and more casual looks for Fridays.  The rest of the week has always been for the best of my professional wear. But, I have to wonder if it is still relevant?  Throughout America, we seem to be dressing more and more casual all of the time.

These are both outfits I wore recently for Friday.

I would not look like this for professional lunches, meetings, or seminars.

Though I do not know why those things could not happen on a Friday.  I have a couple of Fridays I regretted dressing casual.

I work with a young lady who also ia a wedding planner on the weekends.  She is from Alabama, and she commented on how the Texas weddings where men come in starched jeans and girls wear dresses with cowboy boots are so rare any where else.  Maybe the tendency to “dress down” is more local…but casual work wear has definitely grown past Friday in Texas.  

I like to see people still dressing for work and even for church and for weddings.  But, casual is all the rage for all three.

What about you…are you happy to see more casual style accepted now or do you like to see people dress for these occasions?  Please share…would love to hear what you think!

Keep Smiling Everyone!

My denim is a pair of Metro Leggings from Soft Surroundings…find them by clicking on ad below!

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