Fashion Over 50: Summer Casual Beats The Heat

Now, back to the heat….When the heat index goes way over 100 degrees and the air becomes very thick, then San Antonio career women relax just a bit.  This type of loose fitting, flowy dress, which normally would be on casual Friday, becomes a regular occurrence…and suit jackets become the exception rather than the rule.

I confess on days when I have meetings with clients or presentations, I am going to go up a notch from a comfy tunic.  On those days, I might wear a summer jacket with closed toe flats instead of sandals.  But there are many days in July and August when the outfit pictured is work wear rather than weekend wear.  

Normally, I completely avoid horizontal stripes on any top, but the cut of this one worked for a more flattering fit.  I found this one on sale at Dillards.  I also found some for your consideration below.

Just know that in some places…I realize not all…you can go for a lighter fare during the hot summer months.  But, follow your office protocol and watch what others are doing.  In South Texas, this is what you will see a majority of women doing…along with dresses and skirts to keep the legs cool!

What is your best plan for tackling the heat with your work style?

Keep Smiling!!

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  1. This is a great outfit and very much "office worthy" for summer! You look fantastic Pam! I love the tunic and am always drawn to black and white. You look polished and professional! And young! I find I'm dressing more casually on really hot days too. Most in our office are. For meetings I'll wear a jacket that comes off as soon as I get back to my office!

    1. Thanks so much Karen! I know what you mean…the jacket comes off as soon as it has served its purpose! Not surprised there are more places where we relax our style a bit for summer heat!

  2. Lovely outfit. Of course I am very partial to black and whites. I find that alot of my wardrobe is black, white or black and white. I am retired so I don't go to work, but I get together to play mah jong a few times a week with groups of women.
    Nice casual is what I wear. You look great and are very inspiring

  3. OMG Pam!!! You look absolutely amazing in this outfit. How much weight have you lost? I am so inspired by you and your wonderful blog. Keep it coming girlfriend..!!
    Have a Wonderful Day,
    Patricia (NC Coast)

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