July, for the most part, is over, but summer goes on and becomes even more of a challenge for women over 50 to keep our looks fresh, and confident for professional wear.  Meet my new friend, Suzy, a super stylish director of business development for WORTH NEW YORK

When I met Suzy for lunch recently she looked fabulous in this outfit from Worth.  She confessed that at first she did not know if green and black would work together, but she is so glad she tried it, because the outfit is wonderful.  Pencil skirts work for every woman’s body type.  I also would not have selected chartreuse  for professional wear, but Suzy proves the color works for any occasion.  It is about the style and design which fits her well.

Suzy and her team have launched the FALL 2017 COLLECTION for Worth New York, a luxury, high end, investment brand sold in home and salons. Women who become their customs build on a quality wardrobe season after season with knowledgeable customer service.

There are gorgeous selections in this year’s line…many I would love to own.  

If you would like more information on Worth New York, contact Suzy at solian@worthnewyork.com.  

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