Fashion Over 50: Monthly Style Tip for September

I was so happy to see September appear on the calendar this week, and to have the monthly style tip for women over 50 come up on the first Friday of the month.  It has been a tough August…especially with Hurricane Harvey lingering around so long.    But, it is time to re-focus and think about transitioning our style into fall.  I recently attended a Fall 2017 Trend Fashion show at Neiman Marcus.  Yes…there are many trends, I will not be in this fall…and yes, the clothing I saw is high end.  However, these shows always inspire me to see how I can wear a trend in affordable ways.

What caught my attention about the models I pictured above is

1The handkerchief scarf tied around the neck returns as a trend;

2.Army jackets are still here;

3.Appliques are back;

4. Wearing multiple necklaces is still on trend,

5 And, . I love the mixtures of greys, greens, and reds.  So, my first inspiration outfit was a casual look and because of the hurricane, the pictures were not good…but the accesories were!I actually bought this Diane Von Frustenbreg handkerchief scarf about four years ago at a yard sale for fifty cents!  I have also tied it on purses.  The gold applique is on a green jacket from Chicos, I bought on clearance this summer!  It will make a fun little jacket to wear when weather gets cooler.!  Note, how brogues will be around in big ways this fall.  I have owned this pair for about three years.  Between the wind and the rain, I could not get a picture which showed the army style jacket with my jeans…


I also shared with you in Tuesday’s post how I noticed such cool textiles in the show and was looking for ways to style these same types of fabrics in my own looks.  Here is a textile I loved from the show…more of a paisley…..

Something else to note is the return of hosiery!  I know they can be hot…but I really think for dresses and skirts, our over 50 legs are happier in hose!  I for one am glad to see them return.  So, here is the September Style Tip…watch the mannequins, the magazines, the blogs and note ways you can wear a trend in an affordable way or even using items you currently own.  Get in your closet and play with looks.


What do you think about the return of hosiery and short neck scarves?  Are you in or out?  Let us know…then make sure your enter my wonderful giveaway for a super all natural skincare package HERE…and then KEEP SMILING!!


  1. Every year I buy the September issue of Vogue Magazine. I settle down with a beverage and spend the afternoon paging through this book! A lot of the fashion is outrageous and prohibitively expensive, but I love how inspiring it is. I get a sense of colors, textures, styles, etc. that are trending. It’s my way to kick-off fall!

  2. I am glad to see the return of hosiery. I like the shape of my legs but not the skin discolorations, spider veins, etc. on them. I did wear some hosiery to a wedding this summer. It was not as hot as I thought it would be. I did feel a little funny as the rest of the women had bare legs. Hopefully more women will be wearing them. I like the neck scarves. Will have to try them. Thanks for your informative posts.

  3. We are so much alike, Beth. I love to do the same thing and tell me about a fashion show? I am there! I always find inspiration from these events. There is so much about this fall which has me excited!

  4. I know I will be in hosiery and it encouraged me to see the models wearing it in this show. I actually think it is more comfortable. Thanks so much!

  5. I have a secret Pinterest board – Looks to Copy
    It is a great reference to check out before shopping.
    Hosiery in winter in the Midwest – definitely yes
    Hosiery in summer – no

  6. I have a feeling most women down in my area would agree with you on the hosiery…but this is a FALL trend, so it works! Thanks Carol!

  7. A secret board….definitely. But short neck scarves won’t be for me – they’re hot and I already have a short neck. I love the way they look on others but I’ve learned this isn’t a look I can pull off.

  8. It is so good when we understand what does and doesn’t work for us. I applaud you, Shelley. This will save time and money…plus help us to walk in confidence when we are wearing what we love! Thanks!

  9. Interesting post! I love the idea of the return of hosiery. I could never do hose in the summer; we have many days ranging over 100 degrees, and I can usually kind of cover up with self-tanners. In fall and winter, I’m ready to ditch the hassle of tanners, but, like others, have issues with spiders veins and spots and such. Now I’ll just have to replace all those practically new pairs of hose I finally got rid of a few years ago.

  10. I am on board with hosiery. I had a nice tan all summer and actually went without, even to work. But I would have never done this with pale legs!! I have my hose ready to go for fall and winter, and tights. Bare legs with dresses never looked classy or chic to me (even while doing it!) Glad to hear they are back, though I suspect it will be awhile before this is mainstream. Short neck scarves aren’t for me for the same reason I don’t wear turtlenecks. I do like them tied on a bag though (scarves, not sweaters!). My neck is still pretty good, but I don’t call attention to it!

  11. The fall chill is already in the air in Madison, WI. Come cooler weather, I always go to textured tights when wearing a dress or skirt.

    I am not a huge fan of bare legs; my legs have all kinds of imperfections. That having been said, I have gone bare-legged with dresses and skirts in the summer.

    I browse through fashion magazines and catalogues and read blogs. When I find an outfit I admire, I cut the picture out and place in my “resale shopping folder”. Before going to my favorite resale stores, I go through the folder and note down what I will look for on the shopping trip. Sometimes I score; others times, no. I always buy my scraves at resale stores; usually on 50% off deals. What’s not to like about a $2.00 scraf!

  12. I am a huge fan of re-sale shopping, Patricia and I also have found my best scarves there!! Thanks for stopping by!

  13. I love your articles and your fashion ideas. In my case im in for hosiery … and out for short neck scarves – only if i combine my scarves with bright color outfits for example yellow feminine ‘menswear’ outfit with a dark green scarf and belt… Well this my sense of fashion i think…

  14. Thanks for the comment…I believe many women feel the same way you do, Adriana. Thanks for being here.

  15. I too nix the short scarves around the neck. My neck is just too short, but like it on others that have the right neck. Definitely hose in the winter, especially dark hose.

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