Fashion Over 50: Don’t Let Casual Ruin Your Attitude

I like to mix up my casual wear to keep it fun and interesing.  Though I wear these things while relaxing, it still matters to me to be confident.  Clothing really does affect our attitudes about ourselves.  If I look frumpy while dressing casual,  a negative attitude might seep in and begin to live there once again!  I won’t let that happen.  Whether I am stopping by a friends…enjoying grandchildren…or out and about running errands, I want my joy to be evident  and the cover of the book should reflect it.

Today’s look is a combination of Soft Surroundings and Marshalls.  My Soft Surroundings pieces withstand time and mix easily with other things.  So, I will stop by Marshalls occasionally and purchase a quality pieces for a song….and sometimes I do sing while getting dressed.  Today I am wearing my Metro Denim Leggings and leather flats from SS, and pairing them with two quality pieces from Marshalls which were $14 and $19.  I do not know why some prints speak to me and others don’t, but this print really spole to me with it’s mustard, navy, pink and cream mixtures.  

I am rarely bohemian style during the week…but there are casual weekends, you will find me in that place.  This jacket works for me for many reasons and the colors are perfect to pair with a variety of solid colors…I will probably wear it with olive green soon.It is difficult for me to feel confident if my weekend wear includes sweats, pajama bottoms, or exercise wear.  I have to pump up the causal just a big in order to keep smiling and not see only negative when I look in the mirror.  Of course, it doesn’t rule my complete outlook…but it has a lot to do with it.

Do you agree that it is just as important to care with our casual as we do our professional wear?


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  1. Definitely agree about casual wear. I have to feel good when I look in a mirror, and also be prepared for an impromptu outing. You just never know! Also, having to dress up all week, I like to have fun with more casual clothes on weekends and don’t squander the opportunity to do that!!

  2. I LOVE the outfit, particularly that jacket. I love pieces that are versatile, comfortable and classic—-it looks like a piece that you will get a lot of use out of. What a great job you did putting this together—right down to the adorable flats!

  3. Thank you Deborah…it is a fun casual look I will wear often. I appreciate you being here.

  4. Thanks for chiming in Karen…it helps to know others are taking time for themselves!

  5. As always you look fabulous, Pam! I’ve missed checking in on your style.

    Love those shoes. I struggle to find a good pair of well-fitting flats. Maybe one of these days!

  6. This might sound a bit nuts, but I think it’s important when we feel it’s important. I admit I spend more weekends in sweats and pyjamas than I should, but I’m working on it. Some days I’m totally ok with that, on others I look back and wish I’d made more of an effort. And those weekends have little to do with what I’m doing, it’s more about my mental well-being. When I feel good, I’m ok in sweats. When I don’t feel good, then it’s more important that I make an effort with my casual clothes. Does that sound crazy, lol?

  7. Pamela, I am a recovering no-frills dresser, recovering in part because you’ve inspired me.

    I would describe my style until this past summer as “agreeable.” Agreeable, of course is okay, but it’s boring. In June, I went through a sparkly, costume-y kind of phase and bought a couple of “fun” items that were so unlike me, I just laughed.

    But then I got hooked on “dressing up” casual and putting more effort into the peripheral details.

    I have been paying closer attention to your advice about everything since then.

    So, you have a regular fan, and I have a more “fun” style. Win-win. And I love the jacket, as well.
    Thank you!

  8. Love this outfit…you look fab! What a great print. Everything fits together so well…it says casual at its best. Happy Monday! xoxo

  9. Susan, you made my day! Thank you for the encouragement. I truly hope it helps. Thanks for being here

  10. Tara, it is not nuts and makes perfect sense to me. I appreciate you voicing this side and your observations. Thank you!

  11. Pamela, you put into words what I try to explain to people about myself. Thank you for acknowledging what I feel. After a 35 year career in business suits I am enjoying a casual wardrobe but don’t feel well in sloppy attire. If I ever go out in pajama pants, I will have gone completely senile.

  12. Probably need to pay more attention to this… I type still wearing the sweats I went to the gym in today. Hey at least I went to the gym.

  13. I agree, Nina! I give anyone permission to call my family members if I am seen out in pjs!! Thanks so much!

  14. I love this casual outfit. I think a switch to a ponte knit pant or gabardine would bump it up to work appropriate. Thank you for displaying such great weekend/ past five o’clock clothes. Though this is not a kimono, it kinda has that vibe. And due to your influence this blazer/cardigan girl has started looking for them.

  15. Awesome choices. I read catalogues for women my age–sometimes I purchase. But more often, I can go to my closet and create what I see them combining. I get complements and want to laugh–I’ve had these jeans, these shoes, this sweater. But it’s all about HOW TO PUT THEM TOGETHER. Thanks.

  16. You are so write about the pants! I will do that sometimes…and welcome over to the kimono-side. They are fun, aren’t they?

  17. My wardrobe is always about mixing pieces and copying looks I see. It is fun…and thanks for stopping by, Beth!

  18. Love this post and look! Great put together look for weekend wear. Inspired to put a long swinging cardigan and long paisley scarf with my skinny jeans and flats! Thank you!

  19. A lot depends on if I am leaving the house. If all I am doing is housework/blogging/putzing then leggings and a shirt work well. But if I know I am running errands or shopping I take more effort.

  20. That is exactly what I do, Victoria…if I am at home only, I will relax the look more.

  21. I always have to make myself wear color, but when I do, I rarely regret it. I encourage you to take a few leaps in this area.

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