Reinvented Style After 50: It Takes Work

Looking over the recent posts with fall outfits from my past, reminded me of the journey I have been on for the last 14 years.  At age 50, I decided to reinvent myself and proceeded to go through a makeover.  However, discovering my reinvented style took a lot of hard work…hits and misses…and time.

Here is a snippet of what I have learned:

  1. I needed to understand if clothing did not look right on me that it had nothing to do with me…only the clothes.  Once I stopped bashing myself, and looked objectively at the clothing, then I could take ownership of my selections.  A size 16 does not fit the same from label to label or store to store.  That has nothing to do with my body…only the way the clothing has been sized.
  2. I learned some garments were not right for me because they did not fit within the messages I want to send with my style. Sometimes the messages were opposite of me…who I am or my work for example.  Sometimes the messages were too young.
  3. I had to listen to my voice first and other voices later. Some have tried to tell me to wear trends I knew were not right for me, while others have told me garments I love are not right for me.  Trust your voice…you know better than anyone what you are going for with your style.  Write down five messages you want to send with your outfits and stick to it!
  4. I learned the importance of trying clothes on…taking time in the mirror with objective scrutiny…and to only purchase what I love. (Whenever, I shop in a hurry, there are ultimately returns which must be made)  Wearing clothing which fits properly is so important for our confidence…no matter our age…no matter our size.
  5. It is not shallow nor a waste of time to journal through your style journey. Make notes of what works and what doesn’t.  Study style books and make notes of what speaks to you.  Write about issues in your life which have stunted your style and purpose to discover ways to move past them.  A style journal can be very helpful.

Again, it takes work.  Do not get discouraged if you feel as though every trip to a store is a bust.  Keep pushing forward.  I do have more guidelines in my booklet 8 Steps to Reinvented Style, but I learned from experience to be patient and have fun with this…life is too short not to.

It was the reinvented style which led to this blog which has opened so many new doors for me. I was suppose to be in New York City today….flown there by a national brand, but sadly I came down with viral bronchitis and could not go.  While I am disappointed, I also acknowledge everything happens for a reason, and for now I need to rest and get better.  There will be new opportunities tomorrow.

Keep Smiling, everyone!



  1. Little did I know how much I would need you when I met you in person… Was it only a year ago? I’m reinventing. Everything including my style.

  2. And I also need you, Carla! Your smile and writing encourages me all the time. I am so glad we met.

  3. Sorry to hear you are not feeling well. Take care and I hope you are back to good health soon!

    Pam, I’m so glad to have found your blog! You’ve helped me so much with my style reinvention and helped me finally accept the body I have now at the age of 59! I’m finding the confidence I thought was long gone and I’m enjoying my new style! Thank you!

  4. I’m also reinventing my style and look, one baby step at a time. I agree with not blaming yourself or your body when things don’t look right on you. You have to be ruthless and say “this outfit is not cutting it” or “This is not for me.” There are lots of flattering beautiful clothes out there and life is too short to settle for anything that doesn’t make us feel great about ourselves!

  5. Hope you are feeling better. So sorry you had to cancel your trip, but like you say, there is a reason. I like your way of thinking in this post. I am 70 and a 14-16, so can relate to you. Feel better soon.

  6. Enjoy your blog… And I like to think of myself as a “young” 73 year old! Love fashion, but want classic with “attitude” and quality. Less is more to me. Sometimes my criteria is hard to find!

  7. I like your criteria, Alice! I think we are very close in the same aesthetics. Thanks for being here.

  8. Thank you Janice. My doctor just gave me a tough talk about my health, so perhaps that is what I needed to be here for.

  9. Thanks Lisa for the well wishes…just returned from the doctor. We are all figuring it out together.

  10. It really brings me joy, Beth, to know I have healped in any way. Thank you for the encouragement and the well wishes.

  11. Dear Pamela,

    Thank you for today’s post as well as all the previous posts. I so appreciate your caring wisdom.
    I hope that you feel better quickly and will be able to go to New York City soon. I am sure you will enjoy being there. It has always been a magical place for me.

    Warm Regards,

  12. It has always been a magical place for me too, Martha. And turning down this trip was so difficult…but my health must come first. I am not sure when an opportunity will arise again…but you never know. Thanks for reading and being here.

  13. I love the shape of the black shoes in your photos today. I am confident that you will chosen or invited again for a trip to New York because you are a wonderful BALANCE of style and practicality. I enjoy seeing your “treasures” from thrift stores.

  14. Thank you so much for the encouragement. After a couple of shots today, I believe I am now on the path of recovery. The shoes were a Marshalls find and I really like them for fall and winter.

  15. I was traveling and am just catching up, but I have ascribed to your “foundational five” idea since the first time I saw it. I still have my laminated card with me at all times and check it periodically to see if it needs to be updated. Good advice about listening to your OWN voice when making choices. With practice, I’ve found this becomes second nature when shopping. Something else I learned from you is to buy only what you love and feel fantastic in. It has saved me a lot of money. If I put something on and immediately say “YES, this is IT!!!” then I know it’s a keeper. If I have to spend too much time pulling, adjusting or considering over and over, it’s not for me. You are so right about sizes. If you think you are just one size, big surprise! I always take a variety of sizes into the dressing room because they are certainly not consistent from store to store, or even among styles. Very good advice here and always timely!!

  16. Thanks so much for this, Karen! The foundational five also still serves me well. I need to remember to write about it every now and then for those who have not been here from the beginning…it does save time and money! I also write about it in the free document I have available for email subscriptions. I so appreciate you sharing.

  17. tk you Pamela for this post ,I like your advice , it is true it takes work to know what suits you best and I like the idea of writing a journal ,I like your style ,it is very fresh !!take care of yoiu and come back strong .i wish you the best

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