I am serious about Christmas and enjoy each and every moment of the season. So, I was honored last year to be selected as one of 12 Bloggers to participate in a campaign for Balsam Hill.  Once my husband and I experienced the products from Balsam Hill, we were hooked and knew they would remain a part of our family celebrations.The Balsam Hill trees look real and are so easy to put up…it also packed away easily and when we pulled it out last weekend, it looked just like new.  They are such lovely trees, and ours now welcomes family and friends as they walk into the front room.Yes, the tree is a keeper, but it is the detailed ornaments I will be so happy to hand down to children and grandchildren some day.  They are exquisite, and kept in lovely Balsam Hill boxes.  We have one set of balls and another set of figurines…toy trains, snowmen, bells, Santas, and more.  I haven’t seen details like these anywhere else.We love their ornaments so much, we decided this year to only put Balsam Hill on the Balsam Hill tree, and for the first time to purchase a smaller tree for the family room…I have to giggle, I have always wanted more than one tree and it was my husband’s idea…score!  So, the family ornaments are on the smaller tree, and I am so enjoying sitting off and on in both rooms.  Thanks, Balsam Hill, for expanding our territories!

2016 Balsam Hill Post

Have you decorated, yet?  I will have more decoration stories to come!  Until then…here is Tree #2!

Keep Smiling!

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