Valerie Ramsey has been a marketing director of a major resort, a model for national brands, a magazine editor, a book author of two books,and a professional speaker …and all of it was done after she was 60 years of age!  Add in there, the challenges of uterine cancer and cardiomyopathy, and you have an inspiring woman who encourages all of us to be resilient and press forward no matter our age. Since I first introduced her to my blog audience several years ago, I have touched base with her twice to see what else is going on.  We had a lovely phone conversation recently and I always come away inspired and ready to climb a mountain!  Valerie is now 78 and still pressing forward.

I was so impressed with this magazine she was a part of in Florida.  And Valerie wa honored to work with this magazine. But sadly, it did not last long.  She faced another challenge of re-occurring cancer.  But, of course, her journey continued on….

As I said, she has written two books…just for us,ladies…and both are full of inspiration.  In addition to that she is a professional speaker for Materpiece Living, a specialty group committed to older adults aging in a specialty way.  Some of my favorite Valerie quotes are:

“Learn to look at challenges as your greatest opportunities to learn, grow, and to achieve.” (said by a woman who has experienced cancer three times)

Have a purpose – something positive to look forward to – What’s Next.”

Resilience needs the expectation of success.  Have high expectations.  Expect yourself to be resilient and to bounce back from whatever life throws at you.  Be your own best motivator.”

Perhaps you or someone in your life needs some inspiration and encouragement right now.  Consider gifting Valerie’s books this year.  Here are the links…she really is amazing…you will love the story of how she began her new career working in a golf shop at age 58!

Creating What’s Next Gracefully

Gracefully Looking and Being Your Best At Any Age

Keep Smiling!

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