It has been a very difficult week for our community in San Antonio and most of us have felt as though we are carrying heavy weights around our necks.  But, honestly, it has been a difficult year ….period.  We are on our knees down here for the whole country.  After this week, we cannot love enough, hug enough, reach out to family enough, laugh enough, or forgive enough….in a just a moment, life can become very short.

I am thankful for all of you who come here each day and I appreciate all of the support.  I have some wonderful stories to share with you going forward.  And, as always, I encourage you to keep smlling and have hope…despite what happens around us.  It has been hard to do anything this week, but life does go on.

So, reach out now to a family member or friend you have not talked to recently.  It only takes a moment to call and say hello.  Don’t put off what can be done NOW.

Please, Keep Smiling!




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