Support Small Business Saturday

It’s officially Christmastime…and Small Business Saturday.  I would like to encourage you to get out and give support to your favorite local, small businesses.  Yes, the internet is full of small businesses (including my own), but I am talking about those fighting the good fight to keep their local brick and mortar businesses open for their families and their communities.

In San Antonio, all of my favorite small businesses are owned by women.  Like Marilyn Caskey, who runs a popular consignment shop, The Garment Exchange.  I sold clothing and made purchases their for years…but I also like to stop in just to see Marilyn. She is a single mom working hard to support her family.

My most unique pieces all came from small businesses…and are pieces I could not find in the larger retail outlets.  The styles below came from Andie and Barbara...a boutique which caters to our age group and is run by the dynamic, popular stylist Barbara Lozano.


Of course, shopping small is a good time to visit the small bakeries and eateries also run by women in our city.  Like Bird Bakery…Cake anyone?

No matter what is going on in your unique city or community, get out today and support the small business community…and support women owned businesses.  We can make such a difference…and I do not think any of us what to see them disappear.

Keep Smiling!


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