I was a mess at age fifty.  I had completely let myself go in my forties and just took care of everyone, but me. This was my driver’s license picture on my 50th birthday. Thank goodness, after this photo shook me uo, it did not take long for me to discover the power of some very simple steps.  But, what amazes me is how many women do not do these things….though they know how important they are.

So, here we go…I call them the Easy Meesy Six!

  1. Cleanse Your Face Twice A Day

My past-busy-mom-self previously went to bed without removing makeup or washing my face, so I should not be surprised when I hear that women of all ages also do the same thing.  But, my complexion really turned around when I just started a simple clean and moisturize plan.  It would be later I added facials and good products.  But, beginning this daily and nightly routine brightened my skin considerably.  Also, a friend who is my age in the beauty industry told me to cleanse with a simple white washcloth and I saw immediately how much this helped.

  1. Drink Water

Over the past fifteen years, I have learned the value of water.  I started by ridding my life of soda in my early 50s, then cut in half my tea consumption, and now drink water throughout the day and evening.  I keep a water bottle at work, and always have a bottle or glass by my side.  If it helps, get out the fine crystal to drink your water…life is too short to just pull it out for special occassions only. Today is a special occasion! This simple step began my health turn around and has helped me to change several bad behaviors.

  1. Fruit and Nuts Matter

I think the only time I ate real fruit when I was in my forties was in a cobbler!  Now to have fruit and nuts as snacks or with meals is the normal.    As we consider what to buy at the grocery to make a difference in our health, the simple answers are fruit and nuts. They reduce hunger and the need for …..cookies!

  1. Refuse Assistance…Unless You Really Need it

Previously, I was happy to allow the sacker to bring out my groceries and load them in the car.  But, I began to seek ways to build my strength and increase my activity.  So, not only do I load all of my groceries and water bottles, I also park a considerable distance from the door, so I have to walk longer to get to the car.  I usually do not accept assistance unless the load is exceptionally heavy or cumbersome (there are times I want to avoid a fall!).

Protect Sleep

I know as moms we learn to sacrifice sleep, and it took a while for me to understand that it was perfectly fine for me to take it back.  I now protect my sleep…even if it might upset someone.  I am a very early riser, and prefer to work out in the mornings, so I need to go to bed early.  As hard as it might be for night owls in my life, I protect my sleep and it pays off. I also use some products to help…a small glass of 100% tart cherry juice and the products for sleep at Bath & Bodyworks.

  1. Supplements

With my doctor’s help, I came up with a supplement plan early and I take them religiously….you can tell from the warn pill holder!  I went from being in trouble with Vitamin D to now being exactly where the doctor wants me. There are so many supplements out there and it is a temptation to over-take them, so I do recommend meeting with your doctor about the ones you really need.

To me, these are the easy steps of my change…things I now do without fail.  They became a part of my daily life just like a shower or brushing my hair.  But, I still meet women who struggle with a few of them.  Take it from me, it is worth it to begin now, the simple steps will help you to…


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