I first want to thank all of you who participated in WOULD YOU WEAR IT over the weekend.  I loved reading all of the comments and learning more about you!  Now, I need to tell you a little more about me.   Whenever possible, I love to show you new items I have purchased or received for review, then it is much easier to tell you where I got something and give you a link in case you like it.However, when you blog as much as I do, it is just not possible to wear something new all of the time.  I try to re-style looks and mix it up as much as I can, but you will see items repeated often.  Today I am wearing all pieces I have owned for over 5 years…except the necklace, which I recently found at a consignment shop.  Since we have a very short winter in San Antonio, my winter clothing lasts longer and can be seen every year in some way.  I have worn this poncho with jeans, black leggings, and today with maroon knit pants.  I show you outfits that I really wear in my life, so there is nothing staged that my friends locally have not seen me in.

The next “challenge” is the fact I have gained weight in the past couple of years …yes,  I am going to write more about it later.  So let’s just get this out there….I currently have a closet full of several favorite things I cannot wear. Trasparency is important and I do not want to pretend to be something I am not…that is how we can grow and help one another.  I am going to rectify this situation, so I do not want to rid myself of those items…we will see them again…that is a promise I am making to myself.

My intention is to inspire you to look your best at the age and size you are right now.  While I am much smaller than when I began this journey 15 years ago, I still have not achieved the good health weight goal I desire to have.  But, taking my own advice, I dress every day to look my best and in such a way as to be confident in where I am at this moment. Now you know, why you see what you see.  Tomorrow I will wear a new Item I recently purchased on sale and tell you why I thought it is a good fit for my wardrobe.  Until then, I always find some pieces I think are fabulous and some of you might like to know about, which are posted below.

Thanks for being here and for understanding why I do not wear something new each time I post.


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