A reader recently asked me about the day I will retire…which I have no idea when that day will come.  She asked what I would keep in my wardrobe and what I would donate away?? The pictures in this post are a sampling of some clothing I have in a folder called, WORK WEAR.


The question had me thinking, so here is what I decided…

  1. I would probably own less skirts, and dresses.  Some are needed for special occasions, but not as many as I have for professional events.  I also feel more confident in pants these days.

2.  I would keep most of my jackets, toppers, cardigans etc.  One of my favorite pumped up casual looks is to wear jeans with a nice fitted jacket.  This is a perfect style for lunch with the girls or working at a non-profit.

3.  I would donate the suit pants…in retirement I see me in mostly jeans, knits, and leggings.  But I would keep one or two of my nicer dress pants for special occasions.  I want to be comfortable, but also confident and not sloppy.


4. I would keep ALL my accessories!! Just cannot imagine parting with them…and they could help me make retirement outfits more fun and Interesting!  However, I might donate some of my shoes….or, maybe not…they would be hard to say goodbye to!


5.  I would keep one long professional coat for special occasions, and donate the others.  This would leave me with my car coats, jackets, and wraps.

There are just not that many changes I would make except to have less, because there are fewer days I am before a professional group.  But, retirement to me is not an excuse to look sloppy, or tired, or frumpy.  I still want to look and feel confident with my wardrobe.

Would anyone like to add anything to the conversation about transitioning to retirement?




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