It is official…2018 is here!  We always get excited about a new year and new beginnings, when in fact new beginnings happen every day.  New opportunities rise with the sun every morning, and we can find peace and refreshment in what each day may hold.  A new outlook can be powerful and bring encouragment for a new year.

Many of you wrote here on New Year’s Eve your desire to do more for yourself this year.  Do not get overwhelmed with huge plans, however, be happy with baby steps.  I am a planner, so I tend to be the one who will make great plans…all mapped out on a calendar…and then face regrets when many of those plans do not happen.  I have learned over the last fifteen years to be better about going with the flow.  Let the day roll out and see what happens.  But, I confess it is still something I am working on.  Sometimes the slightest change in my schedule can really throw me off.

But, my new journey at age fifty began with baby steps which grew as I became more confident and more courageous.  To wear an outfit like this one took so much courage in the beginning…I wasn’t ready to stand out, but by the time I hit 55, my confidence was stronger and standing out was not a problem.

Here are some small steps you can take right now if you are beginning a new year of doing more for yourself:

  1. Wear a new color today or a new accessory
  2. Spend some more time today with a little pampering: perhaps a masque or a little facial muscle massage when you cleanse your face; put lotion on your feet and hands (even better after the lotion wrap your feet in a warm towel from the microwave); soak your nails in some olive oil while you listen to peaceful music…
  3. Learn something new today! Either read online or in a book, but learn something new about how to help yourself grow in this New Year.
  4. Keep a glass of water by your side all day and learn to become an avid water drinker.

All baby steps…all beneficial.  Then get up tomorrow and look forward to another new beginning. 

What baby steps have been beneficial to you as you put age on a shelf and live a joyful, youthful life?

The outfit:

Leopard Poncho and necklace are from Chico’s

The faux leather leggings are from Soft Surroundings

The red knit tunic top is Eileen Fisher from Dillards


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